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With Elfriede Jelinek's "Am Königsweg", the Thomas Bernhard Institute dealt with right-wing populism, the disastrous political practice of Donald Trump and the helplessness of a society that cannot find an answer to the explosive spread of contempt for democracy and violence. The production was a cooperation with Freeszfe Budapest, in German, Hungarian and English.

Project management: Volker Lösch, Christoph Lepschy

With acting & directing students from Budapest and Salzburg

Directors: Antal Bálint, Bona Dyssou, Volker Lösch, Ádám Nyári, Henry Schlage 

Assistant directors: Anna Szepes, Laura Trauner

Dramaturgy: Christoph Lepschy

Costumes: Amrei Monika Fürst, Sophia Marlen Esterer, Christina Winkler

About the production

Jelinek's textual surfaces oscillated between tragedy and the grotesque, pathos and vulgarity, and painted a picture of a political-financial-capitalist complex that is morally at its end, but nevertheless
nevertheless comes to power with force and endangers fundamental democratic values.

The participating students from Austria and Hungary complemented the play with personal texts and gave insight into different experiences and observations related to the dynamic developments of right-wing populism in Europe and the current political situation in Austria and Hungary.

"When 19 angry young people roar and march jaggedly as a flag-waving mob, it leaves goosebumps. [...] A very special evening that was celebrated with a standing ovation at the premiere on 3 March 2023."

— Elisabeth Pichler, Dorfzeitung

3 March 2023 at 19:30

Further performance
4 March 2023 at 19:30
Theatre in the KunstQuartier

With: Bálint Antal, Claudia Benkő, Maité Dárdano, Bona Dyssou, Ben Engelgeer, Lenz Farkas, Lisbet Hampe, Emese Kárász, Amadeus König, Joseph Lang, Lili Walters, Hongji Liu, Valerie Martin, Ádám Nyári, Baris Özbük, Henry Schlage, Jakab Sebestény, Elianne Stroomer, István Szacsvai, Blanka Szekeres, Adrian Weinek

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