Guided tour of the "Alpinia" mountain costume association

„Alpinia“ Schönperchtengruppe „Tresterer“  | © Alpinia Salzburg
Guided tour of the "Alpinia" mountain costume association
Fri 16.6.2023

For the working focus on Salzburg's musical history, Johannes Niedermayer (Lainerhof administrator) and Erwin Laubichler (1st board member of the "Alpinia") will guide you through the Lainerhof customs centre and provide an insight into the history and activities of the 1st Salzburg Mountain Costume Association "Alpinia".

The "Alpinia Salzburg", founded in 1891 as the "Touristen-Geselligkeits-Club Alpinia", was the first traditional costume club in the then still existing imperial and royal monarchy of Austria. Monarchy Austria and was dedicated from the beginning to the rediscovery and preservation of Salzburg's traditional costumes, customs and dances. As early as 1892, the first "Kränzchen", the forerunner of today's well-known "Edelweißkränzchen", was held in the Mirabellsaal. For more than 25 years, the local heritage association, now renamed the "1st Salzburg Mountain Costume Association Alpinia", has been based in the Lainerhof Centre for Local Customs in Gneis, the centre of the local heritage associations in the city of Salzburg, which is run by the Gauverband der Heimatvereinigungen.

Formed in 1909 within the "Alpinia", the "Tresterer" Schönperchten group regularly took part in the Salzburg Advent Singing and the Salzburg Shepherds' Advent. Every year in the last 'Rauhnacht', the run of the "Alpinia Tresterer" takes place in one of the outlying communities of the city of Salzburg. In 2013, the "Pinzgauer Tresterertanz" of the "Alpinia" was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria.

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