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Projekt: Scanning Dimensions / Projektpräsentation 2021 | © Christian Schneider

What do you see when you hear?
Spot On MozART is an inter-university, interdisciplinary project dedicated to a visual exploration of hearing and thus to a (new) understanding of the music of W.A. Mozart in the 21st century. Students, teachers and personalities from art, media and culture jointly develop work projects that combine hearing and seeing and explore the understanding of music.

Spot On MozART

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As the only art university in Austria that combines music, performing arts and visual arts under one roof, the Mozarteum University is explicitly undertaking a journey of thought and design with this project that is interdisciplinary and thus intra-institutional in nature, thus also having an extra-institutional effect. Through the intensive collaboration of several university institutions with external experts, Spot On MozART stimulates artistic and communicative potentials that creatively deal with digitization and digitality and the associated social transformation. Through the cooperation of (art) universities, technology and creative industries, the project tests new fields of action - thus opening up the unique opportunity for students to move in the professional field of art and culture individually and in teams, and to experiment and research at the same time. All this as part of their studies.

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Spot On MozART

Fünf Handlungsfelder

Essential for all "Werk" projects are the five immanent fields of action that ensure inter- and transdisciplinarity, as well as the necessity of the coming together of actors with very different horizons of experience and know-how: Eye and ear, music and visualization act together, production and presentation (spot on) must be considered and questioned in equal measure, art and research together develop a dynamic that should also develop a creative potential towards innovation. Taken together, everything deals with and plays with digitization/digitality and transformation in a quasi 360° format. The impetus for a work project can come from any of the fields, but then it is necessary to find the players for the other fields. The office can help with this, as can the members of the various boards. For each field of action there is a network or team of experts, each field of action requires penetration and positioning, this is documented in portfolios and updated throughout the project: Music
Mozart's compositional output includes more than 600 works of all musical styles and genres of his time, which today are usually counted according to their classification in the Köchelverzeichnis (KV) in the chronological order of their creation. A single, carefully selected work by Mozart forms the starting point of each Spot On MozART project, from which the implementations of the other four fields of action are developed. Visualization
(Film) production, media art and other possibilities of digital visualization form the large field of artistic and conceptual options to develop a visual response for the musical reality. Renowned and experienced artists, directors and filmmakers are an active part of the Spot On MozART network for the interdisciplinary visualization concepts. Innovation
Innovation is an inherent factor of every Spot On MozART project. Just like music, innovation plays a supporting role in every field of activity. Research
What happens artistically-aesthetically in the course of a visualization? Can a visualization generate an expansion of the understanding of the work? Who perceives the visualization and what meaning can Mozart's work assume in the digital age? The Research section deals with a variety of relevant questions for artistic (Artistic Research) and scientific research, musicology and music pedagogy, psychology and sociology, all relevant to the artistic work itself. Spot On
Analog and digital media, festivals, conferences, fairs, etc. - the moment of "Spot On" means the presentation and (discursive) positioning of projects in public space. What happens when work and audience meet for the first time? A field of experimentation, a challenge and a moment of research. The Spot On itself can be part of the artistic project.


  • Spot On MozART
    Mozart in Nairobi 

    The Mozart in Nairobi project tells the story of imprisoned mothers and their left-behind children in Kenya in an essay film, creating a dialogue on several levels between different people and cultures, with W. A. Mozart's Sonata in E-flat Major (KV 282) as the fundamental element along which the film is told.

    Spot On MozART
  • © Gertrud Fischbacher, Marius Schebella

    The spatial installation ALLEGRIA is an interdisciplinary, interpretative research on Mozart's Symphony No. 17 in G major (KV 129).

    Spot On MozART
  • © Christina Leitner, Frauke Von Jaruntowski
    Shift KV594 

    W. A. Mozart's composition Adagio in F minor (KV 594) for an organ work in a clock becomes a synesthetic experience, materially visible, audible and tangible. SHIFT KV594 performs this work on a digitally controlled Jacquard loom (Textiles Zentrum Haslach, 2023). Mozart's composition becomes a fabric.

    Spot On MozART