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  • Mozart in Nairobi | © Julian Wipplinger

    In an essay film, "Mozart in Nairobi. Or something like that", a project as part of Spot On MozART, tells the story of imprisoned mothers and their abandoned children in Nairobi, Kenya. The film has now been invited to the Dubai International Film Festival and was awarded an "Honorable Mention". Our heartfelt congratulations!

    Spot On MozART
  • Spot On MozART Publikation | © Michael Klimt
    The "Unruh" of the Mozarteum 

    Since October 2019, Spot On MozART has been dedicated to the visual exploration of listening and thus to a new understanding of the music of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart. At the end of the project in autumn 2023, the Mozarteum University will present a retrospective of all implemented art and research projects in a comprehensive publication.

    Spot On MozART
  • Shift | © Sigi Tomaschko
    Shift KV594 

    W. A. Mozart's composition Adagio in F minor (KV 594) for an organ work in a clock becomes a synesthetic experience in the project Shift, materially visible, audible and tangible. The result was presented in a textile-acoustic concert on July 18.

    Spot On MozART
  • © Ricsi Kassai
    find me! 

    Mozart had to deal with the problem of being an ordinary person and at the same time an extremely sensitive musician. Was it difficult to accept himself? Did he frighten himself when he realised his extraordinary talent? Was his humour helpful in accepting himself? In the search for answers to these questions, many themes can be discerned that can be symbolic and meaningful for any generation and at any time.

    Spot On MozART
  • © stadtwienmarkting / Johannes Wiedl
    Upcoming Spot On MozART Events 

    In its final year, the Spot On MozART is entirely dedicated to the "Spot On" moment: analogue and digital media, festivals, conferences, fairs - the Spot On moment is concerned with the presentation and positioning of the projects in public space.

    Spot On MozART
  • © Davide Vassallo

    In 1770 Mozart lived in Bologna and passed the examination to become a member of the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna. ALL'ARIA traces his places of residence and shows Bologna as an ancient and modern city - historical places in a modern time. Taken out of the usual setting, the traditional concert halls and the classical theater, we meet Mozart's music outside, in the street, under the arcades and all'aria - in the air.

    Spot On MozART
  • © Bernhard Müller

    NŌGRAPHIE captures the natural gestures of a singer while singing by means of "light painting". Two light cuffs attached to the forearms reproduce a sequence of movements in photographic long-time and enable the graphic representation of the singing body. Singing (Latin: canō, "I sing") and drawing (Greek: graphein, "to write, to draw") merge into a single action, the Canōgraphie, a graphic representation of what emerges pictorially from the singing body.

    Spot On MozART
  • Spot On MozART
    Mozart in Nairobi 

    The Mozart in Nairobi project tells the story of imprisoned mothers and their left-behind children in Kenya in an essay film,

    Spot On MozART
  • Qarrtsiluni | © Chris Saupper

    Qarrtsiluni is a musical film, which is carried and determined by the "Turkish March", the third movement from Mozart's Sonata No. 11 in A major (KV 331).

    Spot On MozART
  • Mozart Spheres in Orbit | © Matthias Kassmannhuber

    Mozart Spheres in Orbit is an interactive installation with spatial audio for VR glasses. In a virtual black space, individual white luminous spheres orbit around an invisible center. Each of these spheres represents a note of the Adagio of Mozart's Sonata for Piano and Violin in F Major (KV 55) and reacts in real time to the dynamics of the piece.

    Spot On MozART
  • Spot On MozART Expo
    A review of the Spot On MozART Expo! 

    On October 13 and 14, 2022, the largest exhibition to date of the interdisciplinary and interinstitutional project Spot On MozART took place at the Mozarteum University - an exciting journey through 17 projects, including film premieres, interactive spaces, and a piano-playing industrial robot. We accompanied the expo for you.

    Spot On MozART
  • #FaceYourMozart | © Mozarteumorchester Salzburg / Erika Mayer

    #FaceYourMozart is intended as a stimulus to actively engage with Mozart's music, to hear sensations and human interaction from the music, and to translate these into pantomime or scenic action with the help of a Mozart silhouette (as a tool) derived from the logo of the Mozarteum Orchestra.

    Spot On MozART
  • © Michael Klimt

    The spatial installation ALLEGRIA is an interdisciplinary, interpretative research on Mozart's Symphony No. 17 in G major (KV 129).

    Spot On MozART
  • Reactive Mozart | © Veit Vergara

    Reactive Mozart is an interactive installation for 2 players. In 2 rooms with 360° sound and visuals, one person at a time can interact with the music and the other person via motion tracking. By collecting virtual objects, movement in the room and gesture control, different acoustic room situations are created, which enable a differentiated listening to the piece. The room acoustically and visually represents the piano, while the players can control the violin and cello.

    Spot On MozART
  • Constructing Mozart | © Ruth Schnell

    In the course of the project Spot On MozART, various authors have dealt with the person W. A. Mozart, with lines of conflict and social relations. Who was Mozart? In a speculative synopsis, the project Constructing Mozart is specifically dedicated to the upheavals in the life of the composer and musician along his family conflicts.

    Spot On MozART
  • Innerhalb eines Fulldomes, blaue Projektionen an der gewölbten Decke | © Christian Schneider
    Mozart real time quintet 

    The project MOZART-REALTIME QUINTETT offers an audiovisual experience in which the music of W. A. Mozart is realized as a synesthetic, interactive visualization by means of computer-generated real-time graphics. With the aim of creating an active playful and at the same time creative access to the work of Mozart, Mozart's Clarinet Quintet (KV 581) was realized as an interactive fulldome environment. With the help of a touch interface, the visitors can intervene in the audiovisual composition and change it.

    Spot On MozART
  • © Christian Schneider
    Spot On MozART Workshop Days 2022 

    There was a lot of discussion, ideas were developed and new networks were formed: the Spot On MozART Workshop Days 2022 took place on May 6 and 7 at the Zistelalm on the Gaisberg and were dedicated to the topics of innovation, visualization, research and the Spot On Moment based on Mozart's music. We were there for you and accompanied the participants.

    Spot On MozART
  • © Christian Schneider
    That was the Spot On MozART Lounge 

    On March 10, 2022, project participants and interested parties met at the Spot On MozART Lounge in the Small Studio of the Mozarteum University. A cozy "come together" with films and an exhibition on the current Spot On MozART projects. We accompanied the event for you.

    Spot On MozART
  • © Claudia Lehmann & Konrad Hempel
    Mozart in minor meets Archive 

    In two open workshop phases, students from the Department of Scenography and teachers from the Mozarteum University met with employees of the Red Bull Media House to examine and explore sounds in a minor key by W. A. Mozart and the fascinating visual worlds of the Red Bull Media House film and image archive.

    Spot On MozART