Practicing Care

Verleihung Ehrenprofessur Maria Kalesnikava  | © Christian Schneider

"Practicing Care" is a long-term project launched in the summer semester of 2022 that focuses on the transnational social responsibility of an art university. The numerous new forms of protest and decentralised care networks that found expression in the activities of the Belarusian opposition in 2020, led primarily by women, were the inspiration for the design of the project format.


Christoph Lepschy

"To remember hundreds of political prisoners in Belarus, but also in Russia and worldwide, to remind ourselves as teachers and students at an arts university that art and politics, personal and social freedom and resistance to their oppression can never be treated as separate issues, the Senate of the Mozarteum University awarded Maria Kalesnikava an honorary professorship on 11 March 2022"

— Senate Chair Christoph Lepschy

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Project team Practicing Care

Ana Hoffner | © Elsa Okazaki
Ana Hoffner

Univ.-Prof. for Artistic Research / Director of Studies for PhD in the Arts

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