Jin, Jiyan, Azadiˆ - زن زندگى آزادى - Zan. Zendegi. Azadi.

Press release
Woman Life Freedom  | © Christian Schneider

With unabated harshness, death sentences and executions, the regime in Iran continues to crack down on protesters who have been courageously standing up for their basic rights and freedom for almost 5 months now. Universities have been centers of resistance during these months. In the face of massive and violent repression, it is increasingly difficult for the protests to take place in public, making their concerns all the more urgent.

With the solidarity event "Woman_Life_Freedom" in the framework of the Mozarteum project " Practicing Care " we want to contribute to maintaining public attention on the criminal machinations and the "state-sanctioned killings" (according to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights last Tuesday) of the Iranian rulers. At the same time, we want to give an impression of the concerns and diverse forms of protest, which is supported not least by countless artists.

  • The Iranian violinist Media G. studies instrumental/vocal pedagogy at the Mozarteum University. At the beginning of the evening, the initiator of the solidarity event will give an equally moving and unbelievable insight into the situation in Iran, at the universities, but also into the protests in general.
  • Welcome by Rector Elisabeth Gutjahr and Senate Chairman Christoph Lepschy (Univ.-Prof. for Dramaturgy at the Mozarteum University), who was and is significantly involved in the conception of the Care Project at the Mozarteum University.
  • Video message of the cellist Kian Soltani.
  • Female solo singing is forbidden in Iran - in this respect the various vocal contributions on this evening can be understood as political acts.
  • A short film by filmmaker and activist Bani Khoshnoudi will be shown. "Cem" was filmed on Super-8 at a demonstration of Kurd*s in Paris and joins the idea of a collective body. "Cem" or "Jam" means to be together or united; the term also refers to Sufi gatherings, which are always infused with dance.
  • This will be followed by a panel discussion in which, among other things, the situation of the Kurds will be addressed, a staged reading from the program "The Unbending. Aufbruch im Iran" and a screening of "texts" by the video artists Darkfold, who process the protests in different ways.
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