Director of Studies & Bologna Process

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The Director of Studies is responsible for all matters that may affect students during their studies, e.g. recognition of examinations, also in the case of stays abroad such as Erasmus, nostrifications, shortening of study periods, etc. The Bologna Process is a reform process in the European higher education system.

Director of Studies

The Director of Studies' responsibilities include:

  • Recognition of examinations, also for stays abroad such as Erasmus
  • Nostrifications
  • Reduction of study time
  • Leave of absence from studies
  • Cancellation of deficient examinations and annulment of assessments
  • Advice on special questions of study law 
  • Issue of certificates at the end of studies
  • Awarding of academic degrees and sponsorship/promotion

Bologna process

The core objective of the Bologna Declaration, signed by 29 European states in 1999, was to create a European Higher Education Area (EHEA) within ten years, in which the mobility of students, teachers and researchers as well as academic university staff is possible within the framework of quality-assured, transparent and comparable study programmes with recognition of the academic achievements. 

In the meantime, 49 European countries and the European Commission participate in the EHEA, whereby the representations of Russia and Belarus were suspended in April 2022 due to the armed conflicts in Ukraine.

Cornerstones of the European Higher Education Area - Bologna Process include:

  • a system of easily understandable and comparable degrees
  • a three-tier study system (Bachelor, Master, Doctor/PhD)
  • European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System - ECTS
  • promotion of the mobility of students, teachers and researchers
  • Lifelong learning
  • Promotion of European cooperation in quality assurance
  • European dimension of higher education
  • Social dimension and inclusion in higher education
  • Employability
  • Fundamental values for the free and autonomous exercise of academic science and research
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Isabel Gabbe

Univ.-Prof. of Piano and Piano Pedagogy

Deputy Director of Studies
Department Head
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