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Mario Kostal

Vice Rector for Academic AffairsDirector of Studies & Bologna Process
The lawyer and management consultant Mario Kostal has already been confirmed four times by the Senate and the University Council of the Mozarteum University in his function as Vice Rector for Teaching and Director of Studies (assumption of office in 2016, new election of the Rectorate in 2017 followed by an interim Rectorate, Rectorate Gutjahr in 2018, re-election in 2021). Already since 2013/14 he has been a member of the working group of the Austrian University Conference for the improvement of the quality of university teaching.


Doctorate Dr. iur. University of Salzburg 1984 1984-1985 Court practice at the regional and district court of Salzburg 1987-1992 Head of the legal and organizational department at the Salzburg University Directorate and deputy university director 1993 Graduate of the management course at the Federal Administrative Academy 1992-2002 University assistant at the Institute for Constitutional and Administrative Law 1995- 1996 project leader at the University of Salzburg  for the implementation of the University Organization Act (UOG 1993) 1999-2002 deputy head of the China Center at the University of Salzburg Since October 2001 independent business consultant and business organizer for educational, scientific and research institutions 2001-2010 co-editor of the journal for university law, university management and university policy since 2005 Experts in accreditation procedures  of the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) 2006-2009 Managing Director of EURASIA-PACIFIC UNINET 2011 Certified specialist auditor for DIN ISO 29990:2010 - Learning services for training and further education,  Rationalization and Innovation Center of the German Economy (RKW Berlin-Brandenburg) 2011 Certified quality auditor - process-oriented auditing of management systems according to ISO 9001:2008, TÜV Austria Academy Since the beginning of 2012 expert in accreditation procedures of the accreditation, certification and quality assurance institute ACQUIN 2012-2016 Head of Teaching Management at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg 2012-2017 Generally sworn and court-certified expert for higher education May 2016-March 2018 Vice Rector for Teaching and Director of Studies at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg January 2017-March 2018 Interim Head of the Rectorate of the Mozarteum University in Salzburg together with the Board of Directors for External Relations Since April 2018 Vice Rector for Teaching and Director of Studies at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg
UOG 1993, brief commentary with materials (1993) Hauser/Kostal, University Studies Act, brief commentary with materials (1997) Bachmann/Baumgartner/Feik/Giese/Ginzinger/Jahnel/Kostal/Lienbacher, Special Administrative Law5 (2004) Universities Act 2002, text edition with materials 2 (2005) Higher Education Act 2005, short commentary (2006) Hauser/Kostal/Novak, Handbuch des Hochschulrechts, (2006) Hauser/Kostal/Novak, Hochschulrecht, Text Edition3 (2007) Hauser/Kostal, Jahrbuch Hochschulrecht 08 (2008) The Federal Administrative Jurisdiction, text edition with materials (2013)
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Seminar for University Law in Linz, "The Dean of Studies" (8.6.94) World Congress of the IACL (International Association of Constitutional Law) in Tokyo   25-28/9/1995; Austria's national reporter for the session "Political Parties and Constitutional Institutions". Institute for Journalism and Communication Science, seminar lecture "The autonomy of the university as a basis for its public relations work and environmental relations" (November 14, 1995). University of Kraków, "University reform in Austria", May 1996 Symposium "Universities and art, art and music colleges in Austria and Germany today", organized by the Association for the Promotion of German and International Scientific Law EV on November 14, 1997, "Regulatory law at art colleges , occupational safety and environmental protection, including usage and house rules as well as liability issues" University of Graz, seminar on university law for members of the Senate, 26.11.1997, "Principles of the development of the statutes in the UOG 1993" University of Graz, faculty board of the medical faculty, closed conference, "UOG 1993 and that Faculty Board", 11.2.1999 Università  Ca' Foscari, Venice, "Efficiency and effectiveness of law production", June 21, 1999 Target agreement/global budgeting; Information event of the Senate at the University of Salzburg on full legal capacity and its consequences, 4.7.2000 private universities in Austria,  Workshop: Perspectives for the development of universities and technical colleges in  Austria, Germany and Switzerland with the time horizon 2005 or: governance and synergies in the education sector,  Università Ca' Foscari, Venice, June 22, 2001 The current reform projects in the university sector, Ludwig Boltzmann Research Center for Education and Science Law at the FH Joanneum, Graz, January 21, 2002 Private Universities in Austria, PEF Private University for Management, Vienna, December 4, 2002 Tue Legal status of students, symposium "10 years of FHStG: Fachhochschule law between probation and reform", Graz, October 10, 2003 The teacher training colleges, seminar for university law, University of Linz, May 2006 Transdisciplinarity, Rostov on Don, May 2006 Transdisciplinarity, association for the promotion of German and International Science Law, Graz 2006 Study law aspects of new teacher training, bmwfw, conference “University law in transition: NEW teacher training”, Vienna, September 29, 2016
WS 1994/95 – WS 2002/03 Lecturer at the Law Faculty of the University of Salzburg for constitutional law, general administrative law and selected areas of special administrative law (regional planning, building law, land traffic, water law, forest law, road law, citizenship law, security police law, aliens law, asylum law, association - and right of assembly), administrative procedural law,  Higher education law, traffic law. SS 2003-SS 2006 lecturer for business law at the FH course Internet technology and management FH Joanneum Kapfenberg. (VL introduction, seminar commercial law practice)
Member of the higher education planning commission in the BMWFK - working group "Deregulation of study law" and working group "Studies reform II" Disciplinary lawyer at the university town of Salzburg Expert delegation from the BMBWK to accompany the summer school  "Modern China Studies for Scientists and Economists in Beijing and Shanghai" Visiting Advisor, Salzburg Seminar, Higher Education Program, Gorno Altajsk, Austrian University Conference; Working group to strengthen the quality of university teaching Member of the General Assembly of AQ-Austria
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