Library Service

In order to use the services of the University Library, students only need to register as users in the library. You will need a valid photo ID and the current registration form. For students of the Mozarteum University and the University of Salzburg, the student card is valid as library card.


The library's holdings are located in the reading room, the media library, the book depository, and the library's reading room in the  Orff Institute. The works in the open access area in the reading room cannot be borrowed and can only be used on site, while the majority of the other media can be borrowed.

All works as well as a large number of online resources (e-books, e-journals, digital full text, audio and video material) can be searched via the Online catalog MozSearch and, if possible, preregistered or accessed directly online. The detailed view of the catalog search informs in advance about the possibilities for borrowing or online access. 

Library use workshops

The library offers user training on various topics:

  • Library tour with introduction to use
  • Introduction to online catalog research
  • Working with online resources
  • Working with the literature management program CITAVI
  • Individual coaching

Information and registration: 
+43 676 88122 996

  • Workshop on library use, online catalog research, and online resources as part of courses on scientific work (PS for bachelor's studies, SE for master's studies)
  • Library tours of reading room and book storage
  • Working with the literature management program CITAVI (in progress)
  • One-on-one coaching for research on individual research topics
  • Workshops and project days on library use, online catalog research, and online resources as part of school partnerships (currently with the Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg)
  • Library tours of the reading room and book repository
  • Individual coaching for research on the VWA topic
  • Workshops on library use, online catalog research, and online resources as part of the staff development training program
  • Library tours of the reading room and book storage as part of the Moz4You introductory event
  • Workshops on library use and online catalog research
  • Library tours of the reading room and book storage area

Registration & Borrowing


A photo ID and a valid registration form are required for registration in the library (except for students). Please complete the User Master Data Sheet and submit either printed or online to

Loan periods

  • Magazine holdings may be borrowed for 2 months (graduate students/dissertation students 4 months/teachers 6 months). Extensions are possible provided the work is not needed by another user. 
  • Reservations: Reserved works will be deposited for 14 days . After this period expires they are returned to the stacks.
  • Final papers, illustrated books and periodicals may only be used in the Reading Room. Reading room
  • The reading room holdings (reference works, complete editions, current theses, journals) may not be borrowed.
  • Media library: Up to 5 CDs or DVDs can be borrowed for two weeks.
  • Fees: Borrowed works must be returned at the latest at the end of the loan period without being asked. If the loan period is exceeded, up to 3 reminders will be issued, whereby reminder fees will be charged from the first day of the due date onwards. After three reminders, legal action will be taken.

Reminder fees:
1. Reminder: Euro 2,- + Euro 0,20 per day & work
2. Reminder: Euro 2,- + Euro 0,20 per day & work
3. Reminder: Euro 2,- + Euro 0,20 per day & work

As soon as the loan period has expired or fees are still outstanding, further loans are not possible.

Address changes

In case of changes in contact details, please send the corresponding information by e-mail to

Performance material orders are only possible for university performances and can only be processed through the library, otherwise the costs cannot be covered.

For a request, please send appropriate information by mail to or use the Online catalog.

Licensed online resources can be used by all library users on site at the PC workstations in the reading room.

University members (orange and blue IDs) also have the option of using these online resources outside the university via a VPN server. As soon as an online resource requiring a license is to be accessed from outside the university network, the user is prompted to enter the MOZonline access data. After logging in, access to the corresponding online resources is granted.

In order to process an active interlibrary loan request we need at least the following information: author, title, if available: key, instrumentation, directory/opus number. If you want a specific edition we also need the following information: publisher, year, language.

As part of our passive interlibrary loan service we also send media to other libraries. Please write an e-mail with the appropriate request to In order to process requests submitted by other institutions we ask for the following information: item call number, barcode, permalink.

For details concerning the ILL process please refer to our FAQs.

Library, Fee & Cloakroom Regulations

Regulations for the Use of the University Library of Mozarteum University 

Status and Services
§ 1
The UBMS is a generally accessible service facility of the University Mozarteum Salzburg and provides the following services: Procurement, inventory management, indexing in accordance with the rules and regulations, and user-friendly provision of the information carriers required for the fulfillment of scientific research and teaching, the development and indexing of the arts, as well as the teaching of the arts; procurement shall be carried out in particular observing the greatest possible continuity and completeness in the fields of science and the arts served by the UBMS Provision of the holdings for use by persons who, pursuant to § 94 para.1 UG not belonging to the University Mozarteum Salzburg Borrowing of information carriers for use outside the UBMS (local lending) Licensing and organization of access to electronic resources Worldwide procurement and mediation of scientific and artistic information, taking into account the copyright regulations Preservation, maintenance and indexing of the historical library holdings Participation and collaboration in joint ventures of the Austrian international library and information system, in particular in the Austrian Library Network User training under the aspect of information literacy Provision of open science infrastructure and support for researchers and teachers

Structure and holdings
§ 2
The UBMS is divided into the main library in the main building of the University Mozarteum Salzburg, the library of the Department of Elementary Music and Dance Education Orff Institute, and the library of the Archive for Play Research and Playing Arts and the holdings provided at the departments and institutes respectively. Furthermore, holdings of the UBMS can be found at the joint library Haus der Musik Innsbruck. 
§ 3
The entire artistic and scientific printed works and other information carriers available at the UBMS constitute the holdings of the UBMS.
§ 4
The holdings of the UBMS are the property of the University Mozarteum Salzburg. 

§ 5
The UBMS is generally accessible. The use of the UBMS is subject to the house rules of the University Mozarteum Salzburg and the user regulations of the UBMS. The respective opening hours shall be announced separately by notice and on the homepage of the University Mozarteum Salzburg
§ 6
The following persons are entitled to use the library Members of the University Mozarteum Salzburg All natural persons, with main residence in Austria, who have already reached the age of 14 (= minors of age with limited legal capacity)
3. Other persons (who do not fall under the first two points) with an age above 14 years of age
4. Persons with an age below 14 years, in this case the legal guardians are liable. The UBMS is entitled to demand suitable proof (official photo ID and a current official registration form) from the users for the granting of user authorization. In justified cases - especially in the case of restricted-access resources - the authorization to use may be limited to purposes of scientific research and teaching, the development and indexing of the arts, and the teaching of the arts.

Restriction of the use of information carriers
§ 7
Information carriers whose publication or dissemination is inadmissible due to legal provisions or official or court order shall not be made available without exception.the use of information carriers whose preservation requires special security measures or conservational precautions with regard to their value is only possible in the rooms provided for this purpose. The use of online services outside the University Mozarteum Salzburg may be restricted, in particular on the basis of licensing agreements.for the use of all information carriers from the holdings of the UBMS, reference is made to the provisions of the Copyright Act and the relevant licensing provisions.the user is informed that the UBMS does not check the data carriers for any malware or other defects and that the University Mozarteum Salzburg therefore does not assume any liability or warranty for any damage that may occur as a result

Data security
§ 8
The processing of personal data in the UBMS is carried out in compliance with the applicable legal data protection regulations. More detailed information on the personal processing activities in the UBMS can be found in particular in the data protection information at  Information on who has borrowed an information carrier as well as other information on borrowers will not be provided - with the exception of those cases in which there is a legal obligation to do so. 

Borrowing Authorization
§ 9
The following persons are entitled to borrow books: Members of the University Mozarteum Salzburg (according to § 94 UG)
2. All natural persons whose main residence is in Austria and who have already reached the age of 14 (minors with limited legal capacity)
3. Other persons (who do not fall under the first two points) with an age over 14 years. A one-time deposit can be collected from them. The amount of the deposit is specified in the fee schedule
4. Legal entities domiciled in Austria, if there is an assumption of liability by their governing body Until the age of majority is reached, the consent of the legal representative(s) is required. For persons under 14 years of age, the legal guardians are liable.
§ 10
Authorization to borrow materials must be proven by means of the user card provided for this purpose. The user card will be issued upon presentation of an official photo ID and the official registration form. For students and members of the University Mozarteum Salzburg and the Paris Lodron University Salzburg, the presentation of the valid student ID is sufficient. The user card is not transferable;
§ 11
A total of 20 media units can be borrowed at the same time The academic and artistic university staff according to § 94 Abs. 2 UG as well as students of the University Mozarteum Salzburg who are working on an academic or artistic dissertation can borrow 30 media units each The open access holdings can be used freely and therefore cannot be ordered via the library system. The works in the open access holdings can be taken from the shelves by the users themselves, but cannot be borrowed. The non-free-access holdings of the main library can be ordered via the library system and are then available for pick-up at the circulation desk for 14 days. A notification will be sent when a reserved media unit is available. Users are required to check the condition and completeness of the items borrowed from the library during the borrowing process and to report any damage or incompleteness to the library staff without delay. If no report is made, it shall be assumed that the item is in perfect condition when it is issued.
§ 12
Changes of name, address, as well as changes of the circumstances on which the borrowing authorization is based, shall be notified to UBMS without delay The loss or theft of the user card shall be notified to UBMS without delay the UBMS shall not be liable for the consequences of misuse of user cards. The user card shall only be issued to persons who provide the personal data required for the provision of library services. By accepting the user card, the library users undertake to comply with the UBMS User Regulations. The transfer of the user card and/or borrowed information carriers to third parties is prohibited. The user shall indemnify and hold the University harmless in this regard.
§ 13
The sending of media units by mail is permitted in cases worthy of consideration, provided that borrowing by interlibrary loan is not possible. The mailing shall be charged to the borrower in accordance with the UBMS scale of charges.

Loan periods
§ 14
The loan period is 60 days. The loan period may be extended twice, each time by two months, provided that this is done before the expiry of the loan period and that there are no reservations for the media unit. The loan period for students working on a scientific or artistic dissertation is 120 days. The borrowing period for academic and artistic university staff according to § 94 para. 2 is a one-time 180 days. The loan period for reserved works is 14 days. The loan period for AV media is one month. A one-time extension of the loan period for AV media by one month is possible, provided that it takes place before the expiry of the loan period and there are no reservations for the media unit. In individual cases, UBMS is entitled to set a shorter loan period, to exclude media units from the loan or to reclaim a borrowed media unit before the expiry of the loan period.

Restriction of borrowing
§ 15
The following shall be excluded from borrowing Information carriers that require special protection or are particularly valuable Information carriers that are more than 100 years old Information carriers that are marked "not borrowable", in particular the reference holdings blocked university publications until the specified block date The information carriers mentioned in paragraph 1, items 1 - 3 may be borrowed in justified exceptional cases with special permission from the library management.

Interlibrary loan and document delivery
§ 16
Active Interlibrary Loan: The borrowing of information carriers of the UBMS to libraries outside Salzburg is possible by way of Austrian and international interlibrary loan, if the receiving institution accepts the Austrian Interlibrary Loan Regulations or the conditions of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) respectively. The costs incurred in active interlibrary loan are charged to the borrowing libraries according to the UBMS fee schedule.  Passive interlibrary loan: Media that are not located in any Salzburg library can be ordered via interlibrary loan. The processing is done by the UBMS, the costs are charged according to the UBMS scale of charges. 

Restitution of borrowed media units
§ 17
Borrowed media units are to be returned at the latest at the end of the borrowing period without being asked. Upon request, the return of media units shall be confirmed. Media units not returned in due time shall be reminded in accordance with § 18. The return of media units by mail is only permitted in cases worthy of consideration. The cost of returning the media units will be borne by the borrower. Liability for loss lies with the sender.

Late return of borrowed media (reminder)
§ 18
For the late return of borrowed media, the borrower shall pay a reminder and overdue fee in accordance with the UBMS scale of charges. With the expiration of the borrowing period, a maximum of three reminders will be sent at intervals of 5 working days each. The first and second reminder shall be sent by e-mail, the third reminder shall be sent by registered mail. The reminder fee becomes effective on the day the reminder is issued. The overdue fee becomes effective on the day the borrowing period is exceeded. If, despite three reminders, the information carrier is not returned, the collection will be pursued through the courts. If a person does not comply with the request to return the item or does not pay the fees owed, he/she will be excluded from further borrowing and renewal until the item has been returned and/or the fees owed have been paid. Borrowers who are under the supervision of the rector of one of the two universities in Salzburg will not be charged reminder and overdue fees until the second reminder has been sent. After the second reminder has been sent, the total reminder and overrun fees accrued up to that point must be paid. The reminder cases for the borrowed information carriers for the fulfillment of official obligations of members of the University Mozarteum Salzburg will be reported to the Rector after the expiry of the reminder deadlines without result, so that the necessary measures can be initiated in the course of the official supervision. Repeated failure to make restitution after the third reminder constitutes a violation of the Regulations for Use and may be punished according to § 23, with a temporary, but in repeated cases also permanent, withdrawal of the authorization to use the library.

Order and Safety
§ 19
The rooms of the UBMS are to be used with the utmost care for the stocks, the facilities and the other inventory.  In particular, the following is not permitted: bringing objects that may pose a risk to persons, inventory or information carriers bringing objects that may pose a risk to persons, inventory or media units bringing animals, with the exception of assistance dogs disruptive behavior, in particular loud talking operation of technical devices that causes a nuisance to other users in particular cell phones, iPods, etc. Interfering with the software and hardware offered by the UBMS Eating and drinking. Smoking is prohibited in all rooms The instructions of the library staff are to be obeyed. The library staff is authorized to demand that bags and other containers are opened for control purposes and that the user discloses or proves his or her case of loss of media units, the replacement must first be made in the form of a physical replacement copy, if this can be demonstrably accomplished. Parents are liable for their children.
§ 20
The use of the user PCs provided in the UBMS premises shall be subject to the following conditions: The PCs and other information technology facilities of the UBMS are available exclusively for university research the library staff is authorized to set time limits for the use of the information technology facilities per user* if this changes to the configuration of the information technology equipment or the installation of programs and the saving of personal data by users are prohibited. The user is liable for any damage to equipment caused by improper or unauthorized use. unauthorized use.
§ 21
Access to the library is subject to the checkroom regulations published on the notice board.

Fees and charges
§ 22
The amount of fees and charges shall be determined in the UBMS fee schedule published on the notice board and on the homepage.

§ 23
Violations of the Library Regulations may result in a temporary or, in case of recurrence, in a permanent exclusion from the use of the library. In case of violations of the regulations for order and security, the relevant regulations of the house rules of the University Mozarteum Salzburg shall apply

§ 24
The University Mozarteum Salzburg is not liable for damages caused by incorrect, incomplete, delayed or omitted services of the UBMS The University Mozarteum Salzburg is not liable for loss of data or damage to brought private devices, which have been caused by the devices and information technology equipment mentioned in § 20 The UBMS does not check data carriers for defects and therefore does not assume any warranty or liability for damages (especially for loss of data, damage to equipment, etc.the copyright and other intellectual property rights are to be observed by the users. The users therefore undertake to reimburse the University Mozarteum Salzburg for any and all costs incurred in connection with any judicial or extra-judicial dispute, regardless of the title, arising in connection with any unlawful use of the information carriers caused by them, and to indemnify and hold harmless the University Mozarteum Salzburg.

Entry into force
§ 25
These Regulations for the Use of the University Library of the University Mozarteum Salzburg (UBMS) shall enter into force upon publication in the official gazette of the University Mozarteum Salzburg.

Scale of Fees of the University Library of Mozarteum University
Fees and Reimbursement of

Costs Use / Borrowing
Duplicate card in case of loss or theft of the user card:  Euro 5.00
Registration fee for persons who are not members of an Austrian university, university of applied sciences or university of teacher education: Euro 10.00
Registration fee for students attending the Summer Academy of the University Mozarteum Salzburg: Euro 10.00
Deposit according to § 9 (4) of the BO for persons who are not EU-citizens:  Euro 250.00

Dunning fees / overrun fees
Reminder fee: Reimbursement of costs for each reminder issued: Euro 2.00
Overrun fee: per day and volume after exceeding the loan period: Euro 0.20
Overrun fee checkroom key: per day and key after exceeding the loan period Euro:  3.00

Loss of books / sheet music
Book replacement: the user is responsible for the replacement of the item itself: physical replacement
Bookbinder: for book replacement: by format

Active interlibrary loan  
Books/sheet music domestic: Euro 4.00 or 1 Half IFLA-Voucher / foreign Euro 8.00 or 1 Full IFLA-Voucher
Copies* to Austria: Euro 4.00 or 1 Half IFLA-Voucher / abroad: Euro 8.00 or 1 FulI IFLA-Voucher

Scans* to Austria or abroad: Euro 4.00 or 1 Half IFLA-Voucher
*amounts apply to 1-20 pages; additional copies or scans will be charged according to actual costs (€ 0.30/page)

Passive interlibrary loan
Books/notes from Austria: Euro 2.00 / from abroad: Euro 10.00 (minimum)
Copies* from Austria: Euro 5.00 / from abroad: Euro 5.00
Scans* from Austria or abroad: Euro 5.00
*amounts apply to 1-20 pages; additional copies or scans will be charged according to actual costs (€ 0,30/page)

Prices for reproductions
Copies & Production by library: A4: Euro 0.30 / A3: Euro 0.40

Shipping Postal delivery (Austria)
up to 500 g: Euro 3.00
up to 1000 g: Euro 3.00
up to 2000 g Euro 5.00
more than 2000 g: Postal rate + Euro 2.00

Shipping postal item (EU)
up to 500 g: Euro 6.00
up to 1000 g: Euro 8.00
up to 2000 g: Euro 10.00
more than 2000 g: Postal rate + Euro 2.00

Checkroom Regulations of the University Library of University Mozarteum

  1. The Cloakroom Regulations are part of the Library Regulations of the University Library of the University Mozarteum Salzburg. Every user accepts the checkroom regulations and is obliged to comply with them. By occupying a checkroom locker, the user accepts the checkroom regulations.
  2. The checkroom lockers are intended exclusively for users of the University Library.
  3. The use of the checkroom lockers is only permitted during the opening hours of the University Library.
  4. The checkroom lockers may only be used for the time of stay in the University Library. Overnight use and taking keys with you is prohibited.
  5. In case of late return of the checkroom keys, reminder and overdue fees will be charged (€ 2.00 per reminder and € 3.00 per day).
  6. The checkroom lockers must be completely cleared by the users after their stay in the University Library, left in a clean condition and the keys returned. Cloakroom lockers that have not been cleared can be opened by employees of the University Mozarteum Salzburg. The contents of the checkroom locker will be kept secure for two weeks. Within this period, the user may personally collect the items from the University Library upon presentation of an official photo ID and surrender of the key - against confirmation of receipt on the record of the forced eviction. After the expiration of this period, the user waives all rights and expressly and irrevocably agrees to the subsequent utilization or disposal of the items. Any proceeds from the utilization shall accrue exclusively to the University Library. This shall not give rise to any claim for compensation whatsoever against the University Mozarteum Salzburg. The user shall fully indemnify and hold harmless the University Mozarteum Salzburg from and against any and all claims or rights of third parties.
  7. In case of loss of the key, full compensation is to be paid.
  8. In the event of technical damage, the borrowing desk must be notified. Costs for damage caused by improper use are to be borne by the person causing the damage.
  9. In case of imminent danger or suspicion of danger, an employee of the University Mozarteum Salzburg is authorized to open the locker at any time. The storage or even temporary storage of inflammable,  explosive, corrosive, perishable,  health-endangering or otherwise dangerous or disgusting objects and substances is strictly prohibited. The actual costs of any necessary and proper disposal shall be borne in full by the user. In the event of any resulting damage, the user shall be fully liable and shall indemnify and hold harmless the University Mozarteum Salzburg in this respect.
  10. The storage of money and valuables is at the user's own risk. The University Mozarteum Salzburg accepts no liability whatsoever for items lost in any way whatsoever. In general, the University Mozarteum Salzburg accepts no liability for items stored in the checkroom lockers.