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The Mozarteum University supports students with disabilities or chronic illnesses before and during their studies: from admission to studies, individual examination modalities and study materials to information on financial support, legal framework conditions and help with structural barriers to mediation in problems with study matters.

Disability Representative & Representative for the concerns of people with disabilities
Claudia Haitzmann
+43 676 88122 337

Cornel Gabriel Crisan
+43 676 88122 313

Disability representative of the general university staff

In every enterprise in which at least five beneficially disabled persons are permanently employed, a representative for the disabled shall be elected. Disabled persons' representatives must themselves be beneficially disabled persons. If possible, the election shall be held at the same time as the works council election.

The provisions of the Labour Constitution Act on the conduct and contestation of the election apply. If there are at least five disabled persons in both the blue-collar and white-collar groups, a disabled persons' representative and a deputy must be elected from each group.

Duties of the disabled persons' representative:

  • ensure compliance with the provisions of the Disabled Persons Employment Act
  • draw attention to the special needs of disabled employees
  • report perceived deficiencies to the works council and the company owner
  • participate in the meetings of the works council in an advisory capacity.
  • The employer is obliged to consult with the disabled persons' representative and to provide him/her with the necessary information. The representative for persons with disabilities can support him/her in fulfilling his/her duty of care.

Accepted by: Federal Ministry of Social Security, Generations and Consumer Protection
Status as of 20.7.2004

Representative for people with disabilities

  • Counselling and information for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses
  • Cooperation with lecturers and university facilities to create study and examination conditions that are suitable for students with disabilities
  • Participation in university committees and measures on the topic of inclusion
  • Commitment to and participation in accessibility and equipment for disabled students in the university buildings.

Prior to studies:

  • Support with personal admission to studies. For affected prospective students, modified examination modalities can be determined for the admission examinations after a personal interview.

During studies:

  • Counselling on questions related to disability / chronic illness and studies.

Information on financial support options and legal framework conditions
Mediation for problems with study matters
Help with structural barriers
Prepared study materials for blind or visually impaired students
Individual technical and personal support

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