Akt / Nude

Art Education, Scenography
Stefan Bachmann, (Eds.) / Lou Hinderhofer / Yvonne Schäfer / Thorben Schumüller
AKT / NUDE is more than a collection from twenty years of studying nudes at the Department of Stage Design at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. The scenographic perspective and the proximity to theater, film and performance provide decisive impulses. The works of the young artists show a variety of unconventional and experimental approaches to the naked human body, which go far beyond the academic study of nature and in a certain sense achieve a staging of the nude.
Drawing 2000-2020 Texts
henrik Ahr , Noémie Anneg, Stefan Bachmann, Thomas Ballhausen, Elisabeth Gutjahr , Lou Hinderhofer, Yvonne Schäfer, Thorben Schumüller, et al. VFMK Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna, 2022  ISBN: 978-3-903572-56-0
Around 520 works by 68 students, impressions of teaching situations, texts by students and teachers, and the thoughts of a nude model resonate in a conceptual space and enter into complex relationships with one another. They tell of artistic processes that oscillate between perception and imagination - an emotionally moving encounter with nudity, with the fragility of the body and human existence.