Stefan Bachmann | © Elsa Okazaki


Stefan Bachmann

Senior Artist for Nude Drawing, Freehand Drawing, Architectural Drawing & Digital ImagingDepartment ScenographyInstitute for Open Arts
Stefan Bachmann's artistic work focuses on drawing in the broader sense of the word. Many of his artistic works have won awards and been shown in exhibitions in Austria and abroad. Since 2000 he has been teaching at the University Mozarteum Salzburg in the Department of Scenography.

Stefan Bachmann is a visual artist and musician. His artistic work focuses on drawing in an expanded and experimental sense, as a dialogue with the unexpected, between figuration, improvisation and abstraction. Many of his projects and artistic works have won awards and been shown in exhibitions in Germany and Austria.

After studying architecture at the TU Darmstadt and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (USA), he worked as an architect for Studio Babelsberg AG and gmp-Architekten in Hamburg and Berlin (competitions, design, implementation planning). His designs have received several awards (including the Förderpreis des deutschen Stahlbaues, Georg Moller Prize, awards from the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft BDI, BDA and the University of Stuttgart).

Since 2000 he has taught drawing (nude drawing, freehand drawing, architectural drawing) and digital image processing in the Department of Stage Design at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. In addition to basic training, the focus is on experimental drawing in scenographically expanded space. On drawing excursions, he has led his students in the footsteps of Le Corbusier to Éveux (La Tourette Monastery) and Ronchamp, as well as to Bologna, Trieste, Karlovy Vary, Bratislava and Ljubljana. The Verlag für moderne Kunst in Vienna published the artist's book AKT/NUDE in 2022, which Stefan Bachmann edited for the University Mozarteum Salzburg (idea, concept and graphic design: Stefan Bachmann with Lou Hinderhofer, Yvonne Schäfer and Thorben Schumüller, 432 pages, 653 illustrations, ISBN 978-3-903572-56-0).
As a lecturer for experimental drawing (architecture, object and space, nude, abstract drawing), he has been teaching at private art academies in Germany and Austria for several years.

Stefan Bachmann plays bass clarinet, clarinet, soprano saxophone and chalumeau. His special interest is improvisation, also in combination with live electronics. Together with the acoustic-pop formation HIGH & LOW, the CD Narrow Road was released in 2012 on Timezone Records.