Elementary. artistic-pedagogical perspectives

Music & Dance Education, Music Education
Monika Oebelsberger, Anna Maria Kalcher [Hg.]

The term 'elementary' allows for many connotations: Elementarization, elementary knowledge, and elementary skills are just a few of the terms that repeatedly stimulate discourse in educational sciences, subject didactics, and also in artistic-pedagogical subject sciences.

Einwürfe - Salzburg Texts on Music - Art - Pedagogy, Volume 3

LIT Verlag, Vienna 2019

The spectrum of conceptions that seem to be central to the elementary might hold a special potential. At the same time, it is necessary to define elementary educational processes more closely within individual disciplines, for example, in order to avoid narrowing the focus to the simple, the initial, or early childhood.

The publication shows in eleven contributions different conceptions and approaches of the elementary. The aim is to provide impulses for scholarly and practical work in the context of music and art education and to stimulate a vital as well as a critical discussion of the concept of elementary. Contributions: Herbert Pietschmann: The Whole and its Elements. Die geistige Hebammenkunst Christian G. Allesch: On the Elementary in Perception Ulrike Greiner: The Renaissance of the Elementary in Education Catherine Walter-Laager / Susanne Kammerhofer / Manfred Pfiffner / Jasmin Luthardt / Edith Bosshart: The Elementary in Elementary Education Helene Skladny: Bastel Gnomes versus Color Spirals? Reflections on the current discourse of early childhood aesthetic education in elementary pedagogy Monika Oebelsberger: Elementarisierung. Necessity and Limits of a Teaching Principle for Music Instruction Michaela Schwarzbauer: The Fear of 'Music Pedagogy' of the Elementary Martin Losert: Elementary Teaching in Early Instrumental Instruction Anna Maria Kalcher: The Elementary and the Creative. Perspectives from Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy Helmut Schaumberger: The Music Teacher and the Elemental. Thoughts and Experiences Klaus Fessmann: Report on Elemental Music from the (Almost) Smallest Stone Element, the Pebbles