Stimulating - deepening - educating. Composing in a didactic context

Music Education
Martin Losert, Achim Bornhoeft [Hg.]
Anregen – Vertiefen – Ausbilden. Komponieren im didaktischen Kontext

Composition pedagogy is a collective term for diverse approaches with sometimes divergent goals and target groups. It includes concepts that use composing as a method in the context of aesthetic experience processes or in the context of teaching contemporary music, concepts that see composing as a possibility for one's own creative work in the context of instrumental lessons or that use composing as a method for conveying theoretical and analytical skills, concepts that aim to teach the craft of composing, and finally concepts that describe the process of composing as a rule-based process.

Einwürfe. Salzburg Texts on Music - Art - Pedagogy Volume 2

LIT Verlag, Vienna 2018


  • Martin Losert: Introduction, Concepts and Goals
  • Wilfried Aigner: Inventing Music in the Field of Tension between School and Technology of the 3rd Millennium
  • Katharina Anzengruber: Experimenting-Creative Processes in the Interdisciplinary Project KLANGKÖRPER - KÖRPERKLANG
  • Achim Bornhöft: Composition in University Teaching - Status Quo & Outlook
  • Heike Henning, Carolin Raiser: Ways to Invent Music. Composition pedagogical practice in instrumental pedagogy studies. Elementary Composition with Elementary School Children
  • Anna Maria Kalcher: Musical Invention as Creative Achievement. Reflections on the classification and promotion of generative acts of children and adolescents
  • Jan Kopp: One year of composition pedagogy at the Stuttgart University of Music. A Balance
  • Ludwig Nussbichler: The Composition Workshop
  • Michaela Schwarzbauer: The 'Inside View' of Ludwig Nussbichler's Composition Workshop Wolfgang Rüdiger: Taken from Life. Approaches to elementary composing with children and young people in instrumental and ensemble lessons
  • Karen Schlimp: Three in a Pot. From Improvisation to Composition
  • Matthias Schlothfeldt: Composition Pedagogy: Fields of Activity and their Challenge
  • Helmut Schmidinger: Composition Pedagogy - a Field of Music Education?
  • Philipp Vandré: Composing in the Music School - Chances and Challenges