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Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.nat.

Claudia Lehmann

Univ.-Prof. for Film Art & Visual CommunicationInstitute for Open ArtsDepartment ScenographySpot On MozART
In her cinematic work, which ranges from documentary to feature film, music to art video, installation to performance, image to movement, Claudia Lehmann is always on the lookout for new forms and formats. She is particularly interested in the themes of perception, reality, and the investigation of systems and the systemic. She also explores a wide range of possibilities for new structures, especially in the way of artistic collaboration.
Claudia Lehmann is a physicist, filmmaker and video artist. Her works can be seen at international festivals, in cinemas, in various real and virtual spaces. She develops visual concepts, video stage sets and idiosyncratic live video performances, always in collaboration with Nicolas Stemann. Together with the visual artist and composer Konrad Hempel, she founded the Institute for Experimental Affairs, IXA. They realize projects and conduct research at the interfaces between science and art. Claudia Lehmann was a visiting professor at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee and has been a professor of film art at the Mozarteum University since 2019. She plays and sings on "Hands-up Excitement" and "Elemental Strategies".
STAATSTHEATER (AT), web series, 1st season (8 episodes), in development (concept and realization with Konrad Hempel, IXA) )
Creative Producer: Marisa Meyer
Schauspielhaus Zurich, Konrad Hempel, Claudia Lehmann, IXA POTNETIELLE ENERGIE (AT) , feature film, 90 min, in development (writing and directing with Konrad Hempel, IXA) )
Production: Konrad Hempel, Claudia Lehmann, IXA NIGHT (AT), experimental short film noir project for Spot On MozART, 9 min, 2021 (Script and direction with Konrad Hempel, IXA)
Production: Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, Konrad Hempel, Claudia Lehmann, IXA THE SYMPHONY OF UNCERTAINTY, documentary essay, 96 min, 2018 (Book with Konrad Hempel | Director) )
Production: Andrea Schütte, Dirk Decker, Tamtam Film, Konrad Hempel, Claudia Lehmann, IXA
Premiere at the 61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
Oregon State International Film Festival, International Festival Signs of the Night - Bangkok; Theatrical release 11 | 2019, nomination for the German documentary film music prize 2013 NOT MORE THAN AN AGREEMENT, feature film, 5 min, 2013 (screenplay | director | editing)
production: Claudia Lehmann, Julia Malik,actor3 AG
winner of the Samsung Smartfilm Award 2013 at the 63. international Berlin Film Festival SCHILF, based on the novel of the same name by Juli Zeh, feature film, 90 min, 2012 (screenplay with Leonie Terfort | Director)
Production: Manuela Stehr, X-Filme Creative Pool, ARTE, BR, WDR
Theatrical release 03 | 2012, first broadcast 04 | 2014, ARTE, various broadcasts ARD, ARTE, BR, WDR etc. HANS IM GLÜCK, documentary film, 62 min, 2009 (script | director)
production: Claudia Lehmann, Marc Minneker
59. Int. Berlin Film Festival - Perspektive Deutsches Kino, Duisburg Film Week 2009
Bozen Film Days 2009, tour with concert as part of the Goethe Institute
South by Southwest Festival 2009, Austin MEMORYEFFEKT, feature film, 25 min, 2006 (screenplay | director)
production: Hamburgmediaschool, Melanie Lotsch
57 .Int. Berlin Film Festival - Perspektive Deutsches Kino
International Film Festival Warsaw, Korean Short Film Festival, Busho Open Shorts Budapest
Max Ophüls Prize Festival 2007 competition, winner of the Shocking Shorts Award 2007
nomination for the Studio Hamburg Young Talent Award for best screenplay
ENERGY CONGRESS - interdisciplinary congress that creates knowledge, IXA with Konrad Hempel, in development 10NACH12 - LIVE FROM THE MÜNCHNER KAMMERSPIELE - artificial talk show, IXA (with Konrad Hempel) in co-production with the Munich Kammerspiele, 2018 WORLD CLIMATE CONFERENCE 2015, A REVOLUTIONARY DISCOVERY - fictional documentary performance, IXA (with Konrad Hempel), Save the World II, Theater Bonn PLANT - fictional commercial, IXA (with Konrad Hempel), Save the World II, 2015 I HEAR WAS - WHAT YOU DON'T SEE -  ;interactive communication experiment / installation, IXA (with Konrad Hempel), Save the World II - Festival, Theater Bonn, 2015 RECOGNIZE YOURSELF - interactive media installation, IXA (with Konrad Hempel), group exhibition, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, 2015 6 x 60 MINUTES REALITY MACHINE - documentary installation on six monitors, 60 min, Thalia Theater Hamburg, 2014 BEWEGTES BILD BERLIN - filmic installation on glass wall, 6 min, 2014 CAMERA ON! SOUND OFF! AND... ACTION! - Internet season campaign Deutsches Theater Berlin, 2013/2014 2007 SHARP OR BLURRED - Theater performance on the interpretation of quantum mechanics, Fleetstreet Hamburg, 2007
(stage | video concept | realization with Yannik Böhmer), director: Nicolas Stemann, Schaupielhaus Zürich, 2021 CONTRE-ENQUÊTE
(video concept), director: Nicolas Stemann, Théatre Vidy Lausanne, 2020 THE STRIKE
(Video concept | Realization with Konrad Hempel, IXA), director: Nicolas Stemann, Schauspielhaus Zurich, 2020 DER FATHER
(Video concept | Realization with Lilli Thalgott), director: Nicolas Stemann, Münchner Kammerspiele, 2018 NORMA “Film on 25 moving panels”
(Concept and realization with Konrad Hempel, IXA), opera director: Sigrid Strøm Reibo, Den Norske Opera Oslo, 2018 KEIN LICHT
(Video and virtual reality concept | performance and realization with Konrad Hempel), director: Nicolas Stemann, Opéra Comique Paris, Ruhrtriennale, Théâtre National du Luxembourg, Croatian national theater - HNK, Opéra national du Rhin, Straßbourg, 2017,  invited to the Holland Festival NATHAN LE SAGE
(Video concept), director: Nicolas Stemann, Théatre Vidy Lausanne, 2016 WUT
(Video concept | Realization | Live video direction | Performance), director: Nicolas Stemann, Munich Kammerspiele ANTONIUS AND CLEOPATRA
(Video concept), director: Thomas Dannemann, Residenztheater Munich 2014 THE PROTECTED
(video concept | live video direction | performance), director: Nicolas Stemann, Thalia Theater Hamburg, Theater der Welt Mannheim, 2014, opening of the Theatertreffen 2015, invited to Holland Festival Amsterdam REIN GOLD
(video concept | live video direction | performance), director: Nicolas Stemann, Berlin State Opera, 2014 PURE GOLD – ULRESS
(Interior design | video concept | performance), project management: Nicolas Stemann, Bavarian State Opera, 2012 FAUST 1&2
(Video concept), director: Nicolas Stemann, Salzburg Festival, Thalia Theater Hamburg, 2011, invited to the Theatertreffen 2012, 3SAT Theater Prize, Festival d'Avignon 2013, production of the year 2012 DIE CONTRAKTE DES KAUFMANNS
(Video concept | performance), director: Nicolas Stemann, Cologne theatre, Thalia Theater Hamburg, 2009, invited to the Theatertreffen 2010, Festival d'Avignon 2011 THE ROBBERS
(video concept), director: Nicolas Stemann, Salzburg Festival, Thalia Theater Hamburg, 2008, invited to the Theatertreffen 2009
THREE QUESTIONS - Text in Schauspielhaus Journal, October 2021 issue, Zurich MY DRAMA DID NOT TAKE PLACE - Publication with Konrad Hempel, IXA in FUTURE, Vienna, 2021 SIMPLY CRY AT A FEDERAL DEBATE - Lecture and publication with Konrad Hempel in RUN! LITERATURE, THEATER, ENGAGEMENT, starfruit publications, 2021 SOCIAL VENUES OF NEGOTIATION IN THE AGE OF DIGITALIZATION - Lecture (symposium) and publication with Konrad Hempel, IXA, in positions and perspectives of theater education, (editor: Ute Pinkert, UDK Berlin), 2020 FROM VIDEO USE IN THEATER - Publication in theater teaching didactics try, (editor: Ulrike Hentschel, UDK Berlin), 2016 DOK LEIPZIG - Texts for the program of the 56th edition, festival catalogue, 2014 FROM THE IDEA OF PARALLEL WORLDS AND REALITY - Essay, 2012 GAUGE THEORIES WITH NONUNITARY PARALLEL TRANSPORTERS. A SOLUBLE HIGGS MODEL - with Gerhard Mack, Cornell University Library, in European Physical Journal C, Springer Verlag, 2005 GAUGE COVARIANT MULTISCALE ANALYSIS OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS - Dissertation, DESY-Publications, 2004 ORIGIN OF QUARK MASSES AND KOBAYASHI MASKAWA MATRIX IN A GAUGE THEORY WITH NONUNITARY PARALLEL TRANSPORTERS - with Gerhard Mack and Thorsten Prüstel, in e-print arXiv: hep-ph/0305331, 2003