Florian Bauer

Teacher for German as a foreign languageDepartment Musicology
Florian Bauer was born in Salzburg, studied German and Spanish literature and language in Salzburg, León (Nicaragua), Hamburg and Vienna. He has been teaching "German as a Foreign Language" in Salzburg since 2003 and has gained experience in various institutions, including private language schools and adult education centers. Since 2004 he has been teaching at the Language Center of the University of Salzburg, since 2006 at the University Mozarteum Salzburg.

 In all his courses, he was able to continuously gain experience with the target group of international musicians and singers. Since 2017 he has been teaching in the Salzburg Museum under the motto "Language and cultural learning in the Salzburg Museum" (project of the museum with the PLUS).

Florian Bauer has been a Senior Lecturer at the Paris Lodron University in Salzburg since 2022, where he prepares future students for their studies in Salzburg.