Sonja Prlić


Univ.-Ass. for Graphic / Art Education & Senior Scientist at IE Science & ArtDepartment Fine Arts & DesignInter-university institution Science & Art

Sonja Prlić is a media artist, director, dramaturge and artistic researcher. She studied literature at the University of Vienna and dramaturgy at the Hessian Theatre Academy in Frankfurt am Main and completed her doctorate on artistic computer games at the inter-university institution Science & Art (Mozarteum University and University of Salzburg), where she completed the doctoral programme Art and the Public Sphere.

She is co-head of the Contemporary Art and Cultural Production programme area at the Science and Art cooperation focus, where she also heads the Augmented Reality Communities research project. She is also a lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts & Design in the field of graphics.

Sonja Prlić is co-founder of the artist group gold extra and works on projects between theatre, new media and computer games. Her interests include the development of new artistic forms for documentary computer games and the potential of artistic computer games for social and political dialogue. Her artistic research dissertation in this field was honoured with the Award of Excellence. She has received awards for her artistic work such as the Dramatist Scholarship of the Republic of Austria, the Outstanding Artist Award, the Salzburg Media Art Prize and the main international prize for art from the Salzburg Cultural Fund.

Together with Karl Zechenter and Sophia Reiterer, she is currently conducting the transdisciplinary research project AR Communities (a cooperation between the inter-university institution Wissenschaft und Kunst and the artist group gold extra), which focuses on the potential of augmented reality for social participation in public spaces. Prior to this, together with Iwan Pasuchin and Karl Zechenter, she led the research project schnitt # stellen, which explored synergies between the everyday media-cultural experiences of young people, in particular digital games and contemporary media art. schnitt # stellen received the Ars Electronica U14 main prize, the European Youth Culture Award in the Science and Research category and the Austrian Media Literacy Award, among others.

Main areas of work: Artistic research, especially in the field of new media, artistic research with young people, new media and social dialogue, documentary computer games, interdisciplinary art forms.