Sigrid Langrehr | © Elsa Okazaki


Sigrid Langrehr

Senior Lecturer for Photography, New Media & Graphics / Art EducationDepartment Fine Arts & Design
Sigrid Langrehr (*1968 in Salzburg) studied graphic and visual media at the Mozarteum University and media art at the AKI - Akademie voor beeldende Kunst in Enschede. In 1995 she received a teaching assignment for video art in the class for graphic and visual media at the Mozarteum University. She exhibited at home and abroad and participated in several festivals.
1996 Participation in the exhibition "Coming Up", Museum Moderner Kunst Wien Participation in the "International Short Film Festival Hamburg" Participation in the "International Computer Festival Marburg" 1997 Solo exhibition, Gallery 5020 in Salzburg Participation in an exhibition at the University Mozarteum Salzburg, Gallery of the City of Salzburg Solo exhibition and Lecture in the Art Museum Novokuznetsk (Siberia) Participation in the "International Festival for Film and Video" Split Participation in an exhibition in the "Galerie im Stifterhaus" Linz 1998 Management of a video project in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg with Vali Export  Participation in the exhibition "8 Women" Dresden Secession Solo exhibition in the Romanisches Keller Salzburg Solo exhibition in the gallery "Zollhäusl" Oberndorf Participation in the Basistage Salzburg, open studio in the gallery Altnöder 1999 "Innovation Prize for New Media" of the State of Salzburg 2001 Performance of a video projection in the ARGE Kulturgelände Nonntal   2006 Videos in St. Virgil 2009 Exhibition in the New Library Novokuznetsk, serigraph videos in the A3 Gallery Moscow 2010 Participation in the video festival "Medrar" at the Göthe Institute in Cairo Participation in the video festival IN OUT, Laznia Poland Participation in the Bucharest Graphic Biennale  1st prize at the Bucharest Biennial of Graphics 2011 Participation in the video festival "Videoformes" in Ferrand-Clermont Solo exhibition in the textile gallery Aichhorn Salzburg Exhibition in gallery 5020, studio "Open window" Artist in Residence program Bucharest 2012 Participation in the video festival Veracruz (Mexico) Participation in the Experimental Graphics Biennale Bucharest, Austria Pavilion IEEB Participation in the European Championship for surfing on standing waves, 10th place women 2013 Participation in the exhibition "Grau" Wittgenstein House, Vienna, video installation, photographs 2014 Participation in the exhibition "Gray" Traklhaus Salzburg - Art Academy Sofia Art in the building, soundproofing elements , prints in the KIZ, state hospitals 2015 work studio Sardinia of the state of Salzburg art purchase state of Salzburg, exhibition of the purchases in the Traklhaus