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A.o. Univ.-Prof. MMag.

Bernhard Gwiggner

A.o. Univ.-Prof. for sculpturing / Art EducationDepartment Fine Arts & Design
Bernhard Gwiggner is a visual artist, mainly working in the fields of sculpture, drawing and video. Objects and installations are expanded to include participatory procedures in public space, which sometimes convey decidedly political claims. He also develops elaborate series of drawings in which, on the one hand, wisdom literature or other cultures are thematized. Already his teacher training with the subjects "art education" and "handicraft education" at the University of Music and Performing Arts Mozarteum in Salzburg from 1981-1987 prepared inter- and transdisciplinary working methods due to the wide-ranging orientation. From 1989-1994 he deepened his knowledge by studying sculpture with Bruno Gironcoli at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

From autumn 1994 he was able to contribute his relevant experience as a former art teacher at various secondary schools in Vienna as a sculptor's assistant to Ruedi Arnold at the Mozarteum University as part of his studies in "Art Education".  He was already a student himself in the "Austrian Students' Union" for his colleagues, which has now been continued for more than 20 years as a representative of the so-called mid-level faculty in institute conferences, department or department meetings, curriculum commissions, various working groups, etc. Three times he was elected to the Senate, where he also served as spokesman for the mid-level faculty for a period. From 2012-2021 he was a member of the works council for the artistic and scientific staff, for several years he was its deputy chairman. In 2020 he organized the reorganization of the trade union works committee.

Since 1983 he has regularly taken part in numerous exhibitions; he has received prizes and grants, has taken part in symposiums and conferences and particularly appreciates the intensive engagement with other cultures during artist-in-residences (Paris, China, Bulgaria, USA). From 2017-2020, as a professor for “Art Education for Artistic Practice (teaching position)”, he rebuilt the “Art Education” for the Mozarteum University at the Innsbruck location. 2020-2022 he worked again as a sculpture assistant in the Department of Fine Arts and Design in Salzburg. Since his habilitation in September 2022, he has headed the sculpture class as part of the art practice of the teacher training course at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg.
2016     Artist in Residence, Anderson Center, Red Wing, Minnesota, USA 2014     Symposium and Studio Grant, Ahtopol, Sofia, Bulgaria 2012     Scholarship Abroad, Huantie Art District, Beijing, PR China 2010     Prize at "Podium 10" (with Hildegard Fraueneder), Land Salzburg 2003     International Symposium of the State of Salzburg in Strobl - "ORTung" 2002     Scholarship abroad, Shenyang, PR China 2000     Scholarship abroad, “Cité Internationale des Arts”, Paris, France 1997     Symposium on Salzachdamm, art initiative KNIE, Oberndorf 1993     Max Weiler Prize
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2022/23 "EINWURF" - temporary interventions as part of the project "Places of Remembrance and Remembrance", Neumarkt am Wallersee 2017     “#beggarsbelongings” (Digi-Screen), Mirabell Palace, Wolf-Dietrich-Halle, Salzburg 2016     "Opposition" - temporary intervention in the spa gardens of Salzburg 2014     "ZELLE" - temporary intervention at Kajetanerplatz in Salzburg 2003     "square" - temporary intervention at the station forecourt in Salzburg
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