Gertrud Fischbacher | © Elsa Okazaki

Gertrud Fischbacher

Lector / Design: Technology.TextileDepartment Fine Arts & Design
Gertrud Fischbacher leads the FWF PEEK research project "The Nexus of Textile and Sound" and conducts interdisciplinary research, in cooperation with Marius Schebella from the FH Salzburg. As a visual artist in the medium of artistic photography and video, she is interested in questioning the photographic possibilities of an image of nature that is relevant today.
Gertrud Fischbacher studied art education and textile design at the Mozarteum University. Exhibition activities at home and abroad. Until 2000 she ran a workshop for art screen printing in Salzburg, lived as an artist in Berlin and Cologne, where she worked as an on-air graphic designer for n-tv and RTL until 2011, and as a producer for APTN.
She has been a lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts and Design since 2008, and in 2016/17 she headed the subject "Textile Design" with Christina Leitner on an interim basis. In 2022, she successfully applied for a PEEK project at the FWF in cooperation with Marius Schebella for the Mozarteum University. The research project explores the connection between textile and sound, the aesthetic potential of this combination and explores new artistic expressions. 

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  • Nahaufnahme von engmaschigem grauem Gewebe | © Gertrud Fischbacher, Marius Schebella
    Nexus of Textile and Sound 

    The research project investigates the combination of textile and sound. The aesthetic potential of the textile-sound combination is explored and new possibilities of artistic expression are explored. Textile is an interactive medium and metaphor in its form of presentation and interpretation. Textile is material that uses certain techniques without naming the material or technology itself, similar to architecture. The term sound encompasses the artistic fields of sound art, music, ambient noise, transacoustic fields and silence. Sound is based on a conceptual compositional process in terms of the organisation of sounds, but also has a physical aspect in that the perception of sound is strongly linked to bodily processes such as breath, movement and heart rate.

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