Corina Forthuber | © Elsa Okazaki

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing.

Corina Forthuber

Univ.-Prof. in the field of Design (Technology)Department Fine Arts & Design
Corina Forthuber is a freelance designer and university professor in the Design: Technology.Textiles program at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. With her Vienna-based studio, she works on projects in the intermediate field of object, space, culture and society. She prefers to design projects with participation.
Corina Forthuber (*1979) studied interior design at Burg Giebichenstein, Kunsthochschule Halle and previously completed the college for arts and crafts and design at the Glasfachschule Kramsach in Tirol. She worked as an artistic assistant in the interior design course at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle and as a university assistant in the room & Designstrategies at the Linz University of Art and held lectureships/workshops at various universities and institutions in Halle, Linz, Vienna, St. Pölten, Venice and Istanbul. She has worked in architectural offices in Halle, Leipzig and Paris and has been designing her own projects with her studio since 2010. Corina Forthuber develops clear concepts with heart, brain and humor and stands for design with attitude and its communication.
Since 2018 university professor in the field of design (technology) in the study "Design:Technology.Textile" (teaching post secondary level) at the University Mozarteum Salzburg 2018 - 2019 teacher for "Interior and Surface Design" at the HTBLuVA Spengergasse in Vienna 2017 - 2019 Lecturer for "Participative Design" in the "Management by Design" course at the NDU St.Pölten 2014 - 2018 Lecturer for "Social Design Strategies" and "Basics of Design" in the "Space & Design Strategies" at the University of Art and Design Linz 2014 - 2017 Univ. assistant in the course "Space & Designstrategien” at the University of Art and Design Linz 2014 Relocation of his own studio “Corina Forthuber” to Vienna 2013 Freelancer in the interior design office “Steinert & Bitterling" in Leipzig 2010 - 2013 Artistic assistant in the interior design course, design department, at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle 2010 Founding of her own studio "Corina Forthuber" in Halle/Saale 2009 - 2010 Project manager in the architectural office "Complizen" in Halle/Saale 2007 Freelance Employee in the architectural office "Encore Heureux" in Paris 2004 Assistant to the artistic direction at the Thalia Theater, children's and youth theater in Halle/Saale 2000 - 2008 Studied interior design in the design department, Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle 1998 - 2000 College for arts and crafts, glass technical school in Kramsach
2018 "Cabin Museum" Concept & Exhibition in the Alpine swimming pool on local events, Wattens 2018 "The bath is calling!" Installation and reading in the Alpine swimming pool on local events, Wattens 2018 "People's rule in the garden - beyond nature", participatory project with Club Real, Vienna 2017 "Museum of Unsolicited Guest Gifts", participatory Exhibition project for the Festival of Regions, Marchtrenk 2017 "Fake Covers for Fake Music", record cover with building culture and object design questions, Vienna 2017 "Modulare Küche", Vienna 2016  Installation "Bellevue" for the exhibition "Give Thoughts Space", Grassimuseum Leipzig 2016 " Glurns im Glück", participative exhibition project with Adrian Luncke, South Tyrol 2015 - 2017 "Textile design - from experiment to series", exhibition design for a traveling exhibition in: Volkspark Halle, Bauhausarchiv Berlin, Schloss Pillnitz Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden 2015 "Castle Encyclopedia" - illustrations for a publication ed . from Dr. Prof. Matthias Noell 2014 "Fair products" - Design of sustainable products for re-use and youth at work, Graz 2014 "Collection: Children's cosmos" - Design of furniture for the educational sector, Halle/Saale 2013 "Tenderness on the bus" - Set design for a mobile music show on MDR, Leipzig 2012 "Paper-Up" - exhibition and shop design for TAKUMI Berlin, DMY Berlin 2012 "Responsibility" - exhibition design for the women designers forum, gallery "chez Linda" Hamburg 2011 "Guests with Count Dracula" - director and Concept development at the Thalia Theater Halle 2010 "Children.Kitchen.Come!" - participatory mobile kitchen project for children at the Thalia Theater Halle
2020 with "Collection: Children's Cosmos" and "Museum of Unsolicited Guest Gifts" for "Crossings", Galerie Kramsach 2019 with "Gel" and "Hilling" for "Fake Covers for Fake Music" in the Hilbert Raum, Berlin 2019 with "das Bad rufe! " and "Kabinenmuseum" for "Schonzeit" in the Museum Wattens, Wattens 2017 with "Gel" and "Hilling" for "Fake Covers for Fake Music" in the Odeon Theater, Vienna 2017 with "Bellevue" for the exhibition "Give Thoughts Space" in the Grassi Museum , Leipzig 2016 with "Not Welcome" in the "Museum Sabrado Dr. Jose Lorenco", Fortaleza/Brazil 2014 with "Collection: Children's Cosmos" to "Fantastic" in the Saxony-Anhalt Art Foundation, Halle/Saale 2014 with "HaNeu-Light" in the exhibition "Heimat - Halle Neustadt" of the Stadtmuseum Halle 2007 with " Parasites + Hybrids" at the "Salone del Mobile", Milan 2006 with "Parasites + Hybrids" for the long night of science, Halle 2005 with "Ha-Neu Collection" as part of the "Beautiful Work" project, Halle 2005 with "Schuss/ Counter-shot” at the summer school in Halle Neustadt
2018 "Spazio Possibile", participatory workshop on "get involved IV" Architecture Biennale, Venice 2017 "Make your own wrapping paper" in the Museum of Uninvited Guest Gifts, Festival of the Regions, Marchtrenk 2016 "Not Welcome, workshop and exhibition on the culture of welcome in the Museo Sobrado, Fortaleza 2013 "Dance Black and White" - workshop for an exhibition concept in the Textile Design course, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle and Bauhaus Dessau Foundation 2013 "Eating/Playing/Sleeping - 3 Storyboards in 3 Days" in the Game & Learning design, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle 2012 "to link - textile interventions in public space" in the course of textile design, Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi Istanbul 2012 "Paper up - products made of paper in space" in the course of textile design, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle 2010 "Meal! ", workshops on "Children.Kitchen.Come!" in schools and in public spaces, Halle 2010 - 2014 weekly design course for 6-14 year olds in the creative school Pele-Mele, Halle/Saale 2005 "shot/reverse shot" participatory workshops on "Neustadt Summer School" by Thalia Theater Halle and Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Halle-Neustadt 2004 Workshops on planning and building the children's town of Halle with children, Halle/Saale
2021 "How to make? How to think? How to live?” on the conference: New European Bauhaus, Towards a Bauhaus School Europe: Workshops for the Whole Earth, European Forum on Education Oriented Design Making 2018 “Participative Exhibitions” in the Exhibition Design course, FH Johanneum Graz 2017 “Lecker Dorf”, symposium of the Tyrolean cultural initiatives "Culture in the village/village culture", Wattens 2017 "Glurns im Glück", symposium "Stadt.Land.Schluss", Marktoberdorf/Allgäu 2016 "Delicious village", vacancy conference "Vacancy and tourism", St.Corona
2018 Studio grant at the Egon Schiele Center in Krumau, Upper Austria art collection 2016 Curator grant at GAP, Glurns Art Point, South Tyrol 2016 Studio grant in Paliano, Upper Austria art collection 2013 Working grant from the Saxony Anhalt Art Foundation for "Collection: Kinderkosmos" 2010 Format grant from Thalia Theater and Deutsche Bank Foundation for "Children.Kitchen.Come!"
2013 1st place for the set design of the MDR afternoon with Steinert & Bitterling, realization 2007 Marianne Brandt award for the design of the Burg design shop 2006 IF Concept award for the design of the Burg design shop at the Cologne furniture fair 2005 1st place for the design concept of the Burg design shop, realization 1998 1st place for designing the Knewledge Prize (state prize), annual award