Sigrun Heinzelmann


Univ.-Prof. for Music AnalysisDepartment Composition & Music TheorySpot On MozART

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Music Theory (2008), City University of New York, Graduate Center
Dissertation “Sonata Form in Ravel's Pre-War Chamber Music,” William Rothstein, supervisor Master of Music in Music

Theory and Chamber Music Performance (1998), University of Massachusetts, Amherst
MA thesis “Cyclic Pitch-Class Collections in the Music of Maurice Ravel,” Gary S. Karpinski, MA thesis supervisor

1995–98 Music theory major
1992–95 Chamber music and song accompaniment major   

Musikhochschule Stuttgart, Germany
German state diploma in piano and piano pedagogy (1989)

1983–89 piano studies with Fernande Kaeser, minor cello with Hélène Godefroy and Heinrich Kammerer

Analysis of Maurice Ravel's Music
Motive Transformation, Motive Processing Techniques 
Analysis according to Heinrich Schenker ( Schenkerian Analysis )
Schenker studies (elaboration and dissemination of Schenker's unpublished writings and estate) 
Relationships between musical analysis and performance art, analysis in the service of performance art Solmisation and hexachord mutations in John Hothby (medieval music theorist)

2017 “Ravel's Tonal Axis,” publication in preparation for  Music Theory Online 2017

2013 “The Problem(s) of Prolongation in Ravel.” In Essays from the Fourth International Schenker Symposium,
Vol. 2 ,  ed. Poundie Burstein, Lynne Rogers, Karen M. Bottge   (Hildesheim/New York: Gustav Olms), 209-249.

2012-13 “John Hothby's System of Solmization in  La Calliopea legale .”  Studi Musicali 2012/2, 353-396.

2011 “Playing with Models: Sonata Form in Ravel's String Quartet and Piano Trio.” In  Unmasking Ravel: New Perspectives on the Music, ed. Peter Kaminsky (Rochester: Rochester University Press, 2011), 143–179.

2009 - Schenker's Lessonbooks. Schenker Documents Online.  Schenker's handwritten books of hours (facsimile)  Edited, translated, with scholarly comments, see  http://www.schenkerdocumentsonline.org/documents/lessonbooks/saison.html . 

2007 “North American Music Theory and Its Institutions.”  Yearbook of the Society for Music Theory  1/2, Vol. 2 (Hildesheim/New York: Gustav Olms, 2007), 35-51. http://www.gmth.de/magazine/issue-2-2-2005/content.aspx

Since 1997 numerous lectures at national and international congresses in the USA, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.