Andreas Schnee

Senior Lecturer for piano practiceDepartment Composition & Music Theory
Andreas Schnee studied piano with Horst Matthäus and music theory and counterpoint with Helmut Schiff at the Linz Bruckner Conservatory and received the state teaching qualification for piano (IGP). At the University Mozarteum Salzburg he studied piano with Schneider-Cuvey, school composition with Ernst Ludwig Leitner, teacher training for music education (with distinction) and polyaesthetics with Wolfgang Roscher. He attended organ improvisation seminars with Rupert Gottfried Frieberger and received the composition prize of the province of Upper Austria.
As a pianist, he has performed as a soloist and in chamber music (song recitals; excerpts from operas, operettas, musicals and jazz) and has worked with Michaela Oberndorfer-Selinger  and Benedikt Kobel Elisabeth Freundlinger and Martina Dorak, Cassandra McConnel, Franz Binder, Valentina Kutzarova , Gertraud Steinkogler-Wurzinger, Guillermo Olivares, Carmen Barros, Michael Novak, Karl Lobensommer, Christine Pree, Maya Hakvoort and Jacqueline Braun, Charlie Haynes as well as Martha Eggert and Johannes Heesters. He has performed with the Jeunesse Orchestra Linz, the Welser Bach Choir, the Salzburg Virgil Schola, the Salzburg Belcanto Choir and the Gen Rosso group, among others, and plays regular operetta and musical concerts with the "Salonensemble Potpourri". He also worked as a pianist and répétiteur at the Bad Ischler Operetta Weeks.

His compositional activities include choral and chamber music, church music, film music, ballets and a jazz revue, songs and orchestral arrangements (for musicals). As a music teacher, he is at the Stiftsgymnasium Wilhering and at the A. Stiftergymnasium Linz.