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  • Musiker mit Kontrabass, neben ihm eine Holzmarionette | © Christian Schneider

    The Almanac 2021/22 shows the University Mozarteum's radius of activity, focussing on numerous initiatives for Ukraine aid, the new performance agreement period, the International Summer Academy, a wide range of studies, diverse events, worldwide cooperations and projects, as well as international successes. University members receive a free copy in the Art ARCHIVE room!

  • Team des Kunst-Archiv-Raum an einem Tisch mit alten Fotografien und Dokumenten | © Universität Mozarteum

    "It should be noted that the students of the conservatory outshone the professional singers listed as guests in their main roles". This was reported in the Salzburger Volksblatt about the first Figaro performance of the Mozarteum, which was shown in June 1918 under the musical direction of Bernhard Paumgartner in the "Salzburger Stadttheater".

  • Menschen um einen Tisch, auf dem Bücher durchgeblättert werden
    Open Day in the Art ARCHIVE Room 

    Every year around 9 June, the Art ARCHIVE Room presents archive treasures from its holdings and collections on varying themes. Visitors can admire the original documents, manuscripts, photos and other materials. Depending on the theme, there will also be lectures and musical contributions. 9 June is International Archives Day, which numerous institutions use to display their valuable archival materials. In Salzburg, the International Archives Day is celebrated in cooperation with several Salzburg archives under the lead of the Knowledge City Salzburg.

  • Robert Wagner übergibt die Leitung des Mozarteums dem ersten demokratisch gewählten Rektor Paul von Schilhawsky  | © Privatbesitz von P. v. Schilhawsky
    Emancipation of the arts 

    The publication "Auf dem Weg zur Kunstuniversität: das Kunsthochschul-Organisationsgesetz von 1970" ("On the Way to the Art University: the Art University Organization Act of 1970"), which appeared in August, documents for the first time comprehensively the historical course of the development of higher education in Austria's art universities.