Second volume of the Historical Aspects


Reference work and finding aid: On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Mozarteum University Archives, the doors were opened again and, among other things, the second volume of Ilse Tiebert's Historical Aspects was presented. The audience was pleased to see a comprehensive reference work on just about all relevant activities of the Mozarteum University in the context of the book presentation.

While Volume I deals with the development of the internal structures of the Mozarteum University - today's departments and institutes - Volume II deals with the important institutions of the Mozarteum University, such as the International Summer Academy, the International Mozart Competition, the library and the ÖH Mozarteum. Special attention is also given to the supporters such as the Verein der Freunde and the still young International Society of Mozarteum University.

The book begins with an account of all the Mozarteum's leaders since 1841 and the relevant authorities.

It also lists all the awards that the Mozarteum University has given to deserving personalities for more than 60 years, as well as the winners of the Lilli Lehmann and Bernhard Paumgartner Medals and the Paul Roczek Award and "The Sir Ian Stoutzker Prize", the former with a long tradition, the latter awards of the 3rd millennium.

With the two volumes "Historical Aspects", the Kunst-ARCHIV-Raum offers university members and external persons the unique service of processing its holdings and sources for researching the history of the Mozarteum.