Pop up mini golf

Student project

Build your own courses, create obstacles, invent your own rules, design your game! Pop-Up Minigolf invites you to take the game into your own hands and play with each other instead of against each other.

Project in the study Design: Technology.Textile (BA) in the summer semester 2022 Supervision:
Corina Forthuber, Stefano Mori

The mobile tracks and their obstacles were developed as part of a semester project. The ten different obstacles made of various materials and a flexible wooden frame system enable the players to create the different tracks themselves and design them as they wish. After use, all the pieces can be packed into a cart on wheels, which consists of three different stackable wooden boxes. The "common" and the "togetherness" were at the centre of this concept in terms of content. Donations for refugee students were generated during the play action in the public space.

The game was designed and made in the in-house workshops in Alpenstrasse by the following students: Julia Burgholzer, Clara Elixmann, Vanessa Friedl, Sonja Harrer, Linda Nicolussi, Anna-Sophie Ofner, Martin Rohal, Lukas Stangl, Franca Tildach and Benedikt Veichtlbauer.

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