Try Out on Representation – Where do you come from?

Student project
© Lilija Tchourlina

The Applied Theatre students are showing try-outs of their work in the module "On Representation - Who cares, who speaks?". Together with co-researchers, accomplices and so-called experts of everyday life, they try to find out which untold stories should be given a stage.

The overarching theme of the winter semester 23/24 was "Where do you come from?", which is why the students explored the different meanings of "origin" in their artistic work.

The result was eight possible answers, which the students showed together with their experts in a joint try-out.

  • Lilija Tchourlina: Hook and eye - What are you made of?
  • Alexandra Leonie Kronberger & Nicole Baïer: Raise your Voice!
  • Rosemary Kilima & Maximilian Mühlenkamp: Understanding Culture Shock
  • Nina Dalbazi & Ghila Pan: Doing Friendship
  • Tin/Imke Bluemke & Lisa Hambrecht: Who the hell is Kilian?!
  • Ábel Kotomán & Rosemary Kilima: The 10th Anniversary of BINTI African Choice
  • Anastasiia Larina & Simone Seymer: MotherMood
  • Sarah Hollweger & SMR: title: smr feat sahara

Applied Theatre combines theory and practice with different research, instruction and staging processes beyond common conventions.

Students learn to work artistically with actors from different professional, cultural and social backgrounds and to intervene in the world courageously and skilfully through theatre. For one semester, the module "On Representation" focuses on the question of representation, the question: "Who cares who speaks?". Together with co-researchers, accomplices, experts from everyday life and various professions, students will explore this question and try out ways in which different people and stories can find a stage in the TryOuts.