Student project
Sperrig | © Magdalena Hofer

A documentary theatre evening: "SPERRIG" revolves around questions about isolation in prisons, accessibility to the justice system, alternative forms of justice and the rapprochement of those affected and those who use violence.

Master's Project of the Master's Programme Applied Theatre by Kim Groneweg

11 & 12 June 2021 at 8 pm
Theater im KunstQuartier

Locking yourself in. An active decision. 
Being locked away. A passive event.
When does the request for a place of retreat, perhaps even a place of protection, when does a demarcation become a necessity? But when does it lead to a drifting apart, to disagreements and inaccessibility?

SPERRIG is the beginning of a research process. It is a reflection on the nature of the justice system, the isolation of prison inmates, an approach to alternative forms and highlighting the perspectives of those affected. It is a documentary approach, a treatment of vulnerable perspectives and the question of how we speak about others, how we report and how we judge. 

Performers & Voices
Alina Hausmann, Dominik Jellen, Paulina Krasser, Armela Madreiter, FLINTA*KTION, a former inmate, a prison chaplain, a staff member of a women's prison, three inmates and a staff member of the Salzburg prison.

Concept & direction
Kim Ninja Groneweg

Stage design
Nina Vasilchenko

Sound design
Sebastian Smus

Technical support
Andreas Greiml & Team

Kathtin Yvonne Bigler & Christoph Lepschy

Thanks to
Charly Hagn, Silvia Loosli, Frank S., Awarenetz Basel, IGNITE! Kollektiv, Prison Salzburg, Neustart Salzburg