The colors of Salzburg

Spot On MozART project
© Alrun Pacher

Establishing a similarity between the harmonic sequences in W. A. Mozart's Phantasia in C minor (KV 475) and the color chords of Salzburg was the starting point and program of the artistic-scientific cooperation project that brought together selected students of the University Mozarteum Salzburg and young people as well as adults from the class "Sound and Color" of the Landesmusikschule Bad Ischl.

Phantasia in C minor, KV 475

A project by
Alrun Pacher

Musical interpretation
Tzu-Yu Yang (fortepiano)

Based on the thesis that analogy-building in the visualization of impressions evoked by the encounter with Mozart's music can deepen and refine perception, a short film on Mozart's Phantasia will be created. The film will be based on artistically edited photos taken by the students, who were additionally inspired by Georg Trakl's color-poetic view of Salzburg and Marina Abramovi ć s transcending homage to Mozart with a reference to the sky.

  • Concept & Direction: Alrun Pacher
  • Musical interpretation: Tzu-Yu Yang (fortepiano)
  • Assistance: Andreas Neubacher and Anna Hemetsberger
  • Artistic contributions: Class "Klang und Farbe", Landesmusikschule Bad Ischl (Oberösterreichisches Landesmusikschulwerk)
  • Sound recording: Sascha Tekale / Digital Media Department
  • Sound design: Erik Stocker
  • Video montage: Andreas Steger
  • Scientific supervision: Michaela Schwarzbauer

More projects

  • © Róza Radnóti
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    Mozart had to deal with the problem of being an ordinary person and at the same time an extremely sensitive musician. Was it difficult to accept himself? Did he frighten himself when he realised his extraordinary talent? Was his humour helpful in accepting himself? In the search for answers to these questions, many themes can be discerned that can be symbolic and meaningful for any generation and at any time.

    Spot On MozART project
  • © Paolo Santoro

    The project "Mozart in Bologna" by Paolo Santoro consists of the production of the short film "All'Aria". It will be shot in Bologna, the city where W.A. Mozart lived in 1770 and passed the examination to become a member of the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna.

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    Mozart in Nairobi 

    The Mozart in Nairobi project tells the story of imprisoned mothers and their left-behind children in Kenya in an essay film, creating a dialogue on several levels between different people and cultures, with W. A. Mozart's Sonata in E-flat Major (KV 282) as the fundamental element along which the film is told.

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  • © Gertrud Fischbacher, Marius Schebella

    The spatial installation ALLEGRIA is an interdisciplinary, interpretative research on Mozart's Symphony No. 17 in G major (KV 129).

    Spot On MozART project
  • © Christina Leitner, Frauke Von Jaruntowski
    Shift KV594 

    W. A. Mozart's composition Adagio in F minor (KV 594) for an organ work in a clock becomes a synesthetic experience, materially visible, audible and tangible. SHIFT KV594 performs this work on a digitally controlled Jacquard loom (Textiles Zentrum Haslach, 2023). Mozart's composition becomes a fabric.

    Spot On MozART project
  • Innerhalb eines Fulldomes, blaue Projektionen an der gewölbten Decke | © Christian Schneider
    Mozart real time quintet 

    The project MOZART-REALTIME QUINTETT offers an audiovisual experience in which the music of W. A. Mozart is realized as a synesthetic, interactive visualization by means of computer-generated real-time graphics. With the aim of creating an active playful and at the same time creative access to the work of Mozart, Mozart's Clarinet Quintet (KV 581) was realized as an interactive fulldome environment. With the help of a touch interface, the visitors can intervene in the audiovisual composition and change it.

    Spot On MozART project