Salzburg Cultural Poster Award 2021 for the Mozart Forum

First prize for the University Mozarteum for the best classical one-sheet poster! We are very happy about the first prize for the special mirror poster for the Mozartforum 2021.
This year, for the 15th time, the cultural poster prize, which has become an institution, was awarded by the City and Province of Salzburg, ORF Landesstudio Salzburg and Progress Werbung. The award ceremony at the ORF Landesstudio took place for the first time in the TV Garden and was musically accompanied by the Moser Trio.

"Silver sparkles a reflective surface of the advertising pillar / triangular stand towards you. On it in heavy pink a sprayed sign, a 'tag'. Both irritate and attract attention. This in its entire form unusual and convincing design of a poster was unanimously awarded first place of this year's cultural poster award by the jury," says Eva Möseneder about the jury's reasoning.