Award of appreciation for Anna Hechenblaickner

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Würdigungspreis für Anna Hechenblaickner | © BMBWF / elephant and porcelain GmbH / Gabor Mayerhofer.jpg

Anna Hechenblaickner (graduate in concert flute with Bernhard Krabatsch) was awarded the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research's prize of appreciation on November 21, 2023 in Vienna.

Since 1990, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research's appreciation prize has been awarded annually to the best graduates of the previous academic year. In 2023, Martin Polaschek, Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research, awarded the prize to a total of 55 excellent graduates from 34 universities, each receiving prize money of 3,000 euros.

Anna Hechenblaickner studied flute as a concert subject and in the instrumental (vocal) pedagogy program at the Mozarteum University and successfully completed both studies in 2023. She has been teaching flute and elemental music-making at the Tiroler Musikschulwerk since 2021. In her artistic master's thesis "Von Mythen, Märchen und andren Kulturen. Carl Reinecke's "Undine" Sonata op. 167 and Karg-Elert's "Impressions exotiques" op. 134", which she submitted as a CD production, she recorded her interpretations of Carl Reinecke's "Undine" Sonata, which is part of the standard repertoire for flute, as well as the rather unknown "Impressions exotiques" by Sigfrid Karg-Elert.

Excerpt from the description: "As the name of the CD suggests, the pieces on it have programmatic backgrounds. Reinecke's sonata is entitled "Undine" after the fairy tale of the same name by Friedrich de la Motte-Fouqué and musically tells the story of Undine, the daughter of a water prince. Karg-Elert's "Impressions exotiques" describes various scenes from other countries and cultures in five short musical movements: from a rural idyll and a picturesque dance to landscapes with hummingbirds and lotus flowers to an evocation of the Hindu deity Brahma. Not only the selection and musical preparation of these two works were part of my artistic master's thesis. [...] The graphic design of the cover, based on the title of the CD "Von Mythen, Märchen und and'ren Kulturen", was also part of the master's thesis. [...]"


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