Call for The Sir Ian Stoutzker Prize 2023

Open Call
© Christian Schneider

The Sir Ian Stoutzker Prize, endowed with 20,000 euros, honors the outstanding student personality in the competition who knows how to convince with musical creative power, poetry and unique charisma. In 2023 it will be awarded in the categories string and wind instruments.

Deadline for applications 22.11.2023

until 1.12.2023

Announcement of the order and program of the first round

First Round (internal)
Dec. 11 & 12, 2023 (10:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.; 2:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.)

Announcement of program and order Final round
12.12.2023 (evening)

Second round (final, public):
12/13/2023 starting at 4 p.m. followed by an awards ceremony


Selection procedure in the categories string & wind instruments

The 2023 call is for recorder, baroque oboe, bass clarinet, euphonium, bassoon, flute, horn, clarinet, oboe, trombone, saxophone, transverse flute, trumpet, tuba, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, baroque violin (or viola), viola da gamba, baroque cello.

Participation is open to all full and associate students who play one of the above instruments. Thus, the competition is aimed equally at pre-college students, postgraduate students, as well as students in concert classes and pedagogical programs.

Registration for preselection is done through the respective department secretary's office:

  • Secretariat Department String & Plucked Instruments for Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass:
  • Secretariat Departments Wind & Percussion Instruments for Bass Clarinet, Euphonium, Bassoon, Flute, Horn, Clarinet, Oboe, Trombone, Saxophone, Trumpet, Tuba:
  • Secretariat Department of Early Music for Baroque violin (or viola), viola da gamba, Baroque cello:


For the application are to be submitted:

  • short curriculum vitae in continuous text, maximum 1000 characters
  • proof of valid admission for the winter semester 2023/2024
  • a link to a non-listed youtube video for the pre-selection (see below)
  • program for first round and final
  • Declaration of consent as well as name and contact details and also binding declaration of a possible piano accompaniment.
  • Each* candidate is responsible for his/her own piano accompaniment, if required


Pre-selection (Video Round): Excerpts of the programs for the first round as well as the final round, duration: 14 minutes.

For more details on the Video Round, see below.

First round: program of own choice, duration: 20 minutes

Final round: program of own choice, duration: 30 minutes

  • You may also bring guests on stage (musicians, actors, recitation...).
  • You may also speak about the program (this will be included in the 30 minutes). Be creative!
  • There is also the possibility to use beamer projection and sound. In this case, please indicate this in your registration. Finally, keep in mind that rehearsal times on stage for the finale will be extremely limited!

Note: The scheduled playing time must not be exceeded. (It will be canceled!)

The programs of the two rounds must be different, repetition of a work is not allowed. Individual movements from larger works may also be performed.



11/22/2023 - applications received after this date or incomplete applications will not be considered.


Video Round Provisions:

The video consists of two parts:

  • Short introduction of the candidate* and presentation of the concert program for semi-final and final: What is the idea behind your program? Tell us not only what you play, but also why. Duration: 3-4 minutes maximum. Please speak in German or English if possible. You can also use another language, in this case you have to create subtitles in the youtube video. (see below)
  • Freely selectable excerpts from your program for semifinals and finals. You may shorten pieces, choose excerpts, play single movements. Maximum duration: 10'
  • Total duration of the video thus max. 14 minutes. You are free to choose whether to speak first or play first. Speaking and playing must be recorded in one video!


Requirements for video and sound:

  • Any editing of video and sound is not permitted. No editing is allowed.
  • Please make sure the sound quality is good. However, it is not necessary to submit a professional sound engineer recording. We recommend using a simple recording device (e.g. via ZOOM).
  • Please note that for the Stoutzker Prize, free recordings in the recording studio of the Mozarteum University are not possible due to capacity reasons. Image and sound quality of relevant recording devices are quite sufficient and you will not gain any advantage from a professional studio recording.
  • For the picture, the video quality of good smartphones is, in our experience, quite sufficient if no camera is available.
  • You must be completely in the picture, esp. hands and face must be visible throughout the video, please make sure that your music stand (if you use one) does not cover you unnecessarily.
  • Place a sign or a piece of paper with the inscription "Stoutzker Prize 2023" in the field of vision of the camera. (For example, on a music stand) This must be legible in the video. Subsequent digital insertion is not permitted.


Upload the videos:

  • Please use youtube portal to upload your video.
  • Please set your video to non-listed.
  • If you do not speak German or English, please create subtitles for your video directly in the youtube Video Manager. This is easy to do. If you have problems with this, please contact your department secretary.
  • Send the link to this video to the respective secretariat along with your documents.
  • Applications that do not meet these criteria will not be forwarded to the pre-selection jury for review.


Jury Video Round:

  • The videos will be viewed and scored (1-10 points) by selected teachers of the Mozarteum University. The jurors are not allowed to evaluate their own students. The jurors are required to watch each video exactly once and in one piece in order to come as close as possible to the conditions of a live audition.
  • There will be no meetings of this pre-jury. The average score of the candidates is the only deciding factor for participation in the live rounds.
  • The candidates with the highest scores will be admitted to the first round and informed of their participation by 1.12.2023 at the latest.


On 5.12.2023 the contest secretariat will announce the full program of the First Round (11 and 12.12.2023). Meeting the deadlines is crucial for participation.

No documents can be submitted later.

First Round: on 11 and 12.12.2023 in the Solitär (uni-internal; not open to the public)

11.12.2023: from 10:30 in the Solitär

12.12.2023: from 14:00 in the Solitär

The order of the max. 6 finalists* will be drawn in the evening of 12.12.2023.

Final round (with public voting) on 13.12.2023 from 16:00 in the Solitär: A maximum of six candidates can qualify for the final round. The final round is open to the public.

Award ceremony following the final round on the evening of 13.12.2023.



The jury for the first and final round will be formed after the video round. Under no circumstances may a member of the jury be a teacher of a contestant at the same time.

The jury will be chaired by VRK Univ.-Prof. Mag. Hannfried Lucke.


Evaluation procedure

Admission to the preselection of the competition will be granted upon timely submission (22.11.2023) of all documents to be submitted to the respective secretariats of the departments.

First round: evaluation with 1-10 points.

If a jury member is biased, he/she must immediately inform the jury chairman. A bias leads to the loss of the right to vote, the respective jury member then only has an advisory function.

The average score of the respective candidates will be determined.

The candidates with the highest average score will be forwarded to the final. A maximum of 6 candidates can reach the final.

Depending on the overall picture, the jury may decide to admit less than 6 students to the final. The decision about the participation in the final will be made by the jury with a simple majority.

All votes are secret.


Final round: The jury scores again with 1-10 points.

The winner of the final round is the participant with the highest average score. Only in the case of a tie of the highest scoring candidates, the jury can discuss and determine the winner by voting after the discussion. The decision of the jury has to be made by simple majority.


Overview schedule

Deadline for applications: 22.11.2023 - applications received later will not be considered.

Preselection until 1.12.2023

Announcement of the order and program of the first round: 5.12.2023

First round: 11 and 12.12.2023 (10:30-ca. 19:00; 14:00-ca. 19:00)

Announcement of program and order Final round: 12.12.2023 (evening)

Second round (final): 13.12. from 16:00 with subsequent award ceremony

Award of prizes

 The prize money amounts to 20,000 euros. The prize is indivisible. The other finalists will each receive 1,000 euros, and the audience award is also worth 1,000 euros.


Granting of rights

All events and competition rounds of the Sir lan Stoutzker Prize may be recorded by the University Mozarteum Salzburg itself and/or by third parties to whom the University Mozarteum Salzburg has granted permission.

The recordings may be used for broadcasting purposes (radio, television) and for online media in whole, in part and/or in excerpts, live and/or time-delayed, also on individual demand, regardless of the type of receiving device, and may be made publicly available. Other broadcasters in Austria and abroad authorized to do so may use these recordings simultaneously and/or time-delayed.

The Universität Mozarteum Salzburg reserves the right to distribute or have distributed contributions in events in sound and/or audiovisual form, itself and/or through third parties authorized to do so, on analog and/or digital sound/image/sound data carriers including online platforms and social media, in all formats or processes known today and in the future.

Furthermore, the candidates of the Sir lan Stoutzker Prize expressly agree to cooperate free of charge with recordings for the purposes of documentation, topical reporting and advertising for the University Mozarteum Salzburg, and to assign all associated rights.

Candidates for the Sir lan Stoutzker Prize agree that they may be photographed in the course of the competition and that these photographs may be used by the University Mozarteum Salzburg as well as by sponsors of the event without restriction and without further remuneration for publication in publications and for press and public relations work.

By applying for the Sir lan Stoutzker Prize, candidates agree to the recording, publication and archiving of the above-mentioned contributions in all formats or processes known today and in the future, as well as to the associated assignment of rights. The candidates are not entitled to any remuneration.