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Sustainability Challenge Touch-Down Event | © RCE

On June 23, the touch-down event of the Sustainability Challenge took place at WU Vienna, where Eva-Maria Sallinger and Lena-Maria Schuster, students at the Mozarteum University, presented their annual project. In this context, the Sustainability Challenge was awarded the international "SDG Education Programme of the Year".

For more than 10 years, the Sustainability Challenge has successfully integrated commitment to the global sustainability goals, interdisciplinary development of solutions, and the linking of science and society.

Since October 2022, 55 students have taken on the challenge of working in interdisciplinary teams with practice partners on concrete sustainability projects or, as start-up teams, turning their own sustainable ideas into reality.

Fittingly, at the ceremonial conclusion of the Susainability Challenge on June 23, 2023 in Vienna, it was awarded the "SDG Education Programme of the Year" Award by the ACEEU - for the outstanding design and innovation-promoting learning setting of the cross-university course. The global sustainability challenges require a multi-perspective view, concrete starting points and courage for implementation - these aspects are combined by the Sustainability Challenge and thus offer the ideal breeding ground for students, teachers and practice partners on their way to becoming committed changemakers.

Audible. Visible. Doable:
Stories of Success in Art and Culture in Salzburg.

At the touch-down event, Mozarteum students Eva-Maria Sallinger and Lena-Maria Schuster also presented their annual project, which was implemented in cooperation with the Dachverband Salzburger Kulturstätten and Radiofabrik - Verein Freies Radio Salzburg. 

The students went on a search for forward-looking projects and initiatives in the field of art and culture in the city and province of Salzburg that contribute to sustainable development. The goal is to tell, to make audible and thus also visible stories 'with a future', as they already exist in the art and culture sector in Salzburg.

The result can be heard in the form of a podcast, the contribution is broadcast via Radiofabrik and can be listened to online in the Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA).

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