Alumni & Emeriti Meeting at Elissa / Dido & Aeneas


The Mozarteum University once again cordially invites its alumni and emeriti to a drink followed by a visit to the opera! As usual, the meeting point is the foyer of the Mozarteum University in an artistic setting amidst the "allegria" exhibition by Gertrud Fischbacher and Marius Schebella. The opera programme will include a world premiere: "Elissa / Dido & Aeneas". Rector Elisabeth Gutjahr will warmly welcome you and provide insights into the production.

23 June 2023 from 5:30 pm

Foyer, Mozarteum University

Until 20 June at


More than 330 years after the premiere of Henry Purcell's only complete opera, the French composer Henry Fourès composed a setting for Dido and Aeneas and called it "Elissa". A second name for the queen that allows the character to exist on her own, without a direct link to Aeneas. Fourès develops her from questioning voices and sounds that revolve around themes from today. They interweave with the myth, which comes to the surface piece by piece. Elissa becomes Dido and takes on her destiny.

For the planning of the meeting and the reservation of tickets we ask for registration until Tuesday, 20 June at