Digital Soirée: Through the Borders - Spaces of Respite

Wed. 11.10.2023—Fri. 13.10.2023
Applied Theatre
Digital Soirée: Through the Borders - Spaces of Respite
Wed 11.10.2023 — Fri 13.10.2023

In the WS 2023, the MA Applied Theater – artistic theater practice & society focuses on practices of artivism, performativity and the inscription of one’s own biography in (artistic) work and society.

The event is open to the institute and university after registration online. A limited number of interested parties may also participate in the live workshop.

Zoom link to participate:

QUEER*ATING TEAM: Cat Jugravu & Tandile Mbatsha & Mike Ayvazian.

Digital Soirees II embraces the intersection of queer bodies, identity, and exile in the performative and theatrical arts as an evolving and dynamic discourse. It offers the opportunity to question historical constructs, engage with contemporary complexities, and explore the multiple dimensions of human existence in an ever-changing world.

The Digital Soirées are organized by the Applied Theater - Artistic Theater Practice & Society at the Thomas Bernhard Institute of the University Mozarteum with financial support from the Institute for Gender Equality and Gender Studies of the University Mozarteum. They were developed in 2022 for the first annual PAC conference in Zurich by Georges Fründer in collaboration with Cat Jugravu, Isu Mignon Mignonne and Tandile Mbatsha.

Which story(s) are given a stage, who is heard, who shapes narratives - what role does one's own biography play in the process. A focus - also of the self-inquiry of the study program - is here on queer approaches and practices. They stand for themselves in the sense of equality, but in this intensive workshop work they also stand for the performative practice of so-called "artivists". At the same time, the event is also about testing spaces and formats for performative and empowering practices. This year, it is the digital space and the curatorial and editorial practices behind it that will be tapped. In the format of the digital soiree, these themes and formats will be explored and practically tested with Applied Theatre students in workshops and TryOuts.

This event was sponsored by the Institute for Equality and Gender Studies. The Digital Soiree on October 12 will take place as part of the Institute for Equality and Gender Studies' Social Justice event series.