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VITA is an inclusive, intergenerational dance and music community project realised in cooperation with the primary school Aigen and its extended community, the association Orchesterprojekt and the Orff Institute of the Mozarteum University. The piece is based on the vitae - biographical life stories of the community. The stories are sketched and revitalised collectively in a scenic, musical-dance collage-like manner.

In this participatory cross-generational cultural mediation project, the students of the Orff Institute, the pupils of the primary school in Aigen and their extended community, and the orchestra project association develop an emotionally touching concept.

VITA - also a synonym for vitality - is meant to be a symbol of meeting again, making music, dancing and playing creatively together and experiencing the power that lies within.

  • Concept, artistic direction: Anna Josefine Holzer
  • Conceptual implementation and realisation of the participatory project format: Helge Musial and Anna Barbara Töller
  • Organisation (primary school Aigen):
  • Veronika Danzmayr-Steinbach, Alexandra Eibner, Daniela Fletschberger, Rosa Besler und Brigitte Naprudnik
  • Musical direction: Àngela Tröndle 
  • Music: Association Orchestra Project under the direction of Wolfgang Danzmayr
  • Perkussion: Gerhard Laber
  • Performers: Pupils of the Volksschule Aigen and extended community, students of the Orff Institute and members of the Verein Orchesterprojekt.
  • Graphic design: Griesbacher&Tafner

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