Women's Voices

Tue. 9.5.
Women's Voices
Tue 9.5.2023

Women's Voices is a new series celebrating works by female classical guitar works by female composers. The concert features guitarists from Laura Young's class and singers from John Thomasson's class.

The intimacy of the classical guitar, both in solo playing and in ensemble with singers, supports a very personal approach to this repertoire, which has been cultivated and expanded by women for centuries. 

While compositions by earlier women composers await a renaissance, contemporary (still lesser known) women composers of classical guitar music also deserve a podium. By performing and recording these works, we pay tribute to their work and enrich our concert repertoire with their voices. In this spirit, the concert celebrates delightful music by women from around the world and throughout the ages.


Laura Young, John Thomasson, Simone Fontanelli


Works by Maria Camahort, Dalit Nachmias-Raij, Smaro Gregoriadou, Sofia Gubaidulina, Golfam Khayam, Dale Kavanagh, Violeta Parra, Madame Sidney Pratten, Claudia Sessa, Hilary Purrington, Libby Larsen and others.

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