Così fan tutte

Tue. 16.5.—Sat. 20.5.2023
Cosí fan tutte | © Judith Buss
Così fan tutte
Tue 16.5.2023 — Sat 20.5.2023

The young officers Ferrando and Guilelmo do not want to let their fatherly friend Don Alfonso get away with it - after all, he doubts the fidelity of their fiancée! But instead of the demanded Instead of the demanded duel, they accept his proposal of a wager and thus become accomplices in the destruction of their love affair.

Disguised in oriental garb, they test the fidelity of Fiordiligi and Dorabella by attempting - guided by Don Alfonso - to seduce the two girls unrecognized as strangers. The love confusion leaves seducer and seduced alike reeling in a whirlpool of desire and emotional distress. Mozart's third and last collaboration with the librettist Lorenzo da Ponte once again provides ambivalent, unsparing dynamite: the storm and stress of human passions at play with Enlightenment ratio. In the end, the pupils of Alfonso's "School of Love" stand dazed, the imponderable prevails.  

"… watch with participation how they seek each other, attract each other, seize each other, destroy each other, devour each other, consume each other and then emerge in a renewed, new, unexpected form …" -

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Die Wahlverwandtschaften  

  • Libretto: Lorenzo Da Ponte
  • Dramma giocoso in two Acts
  • Music by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart KV 588
  • Premiere on 26 January 1790 at the Kaiserl. Königl. National-Hoftheater in Vienna


  • Musical direction: Gernot Sahler
  • Director: Alexander von Pfeil
  • Stage & Costumes: Anna Brandstätter
  • Dramaturgy: Malte Krasting
  • Musical production: Julia Antonovitch, Niuniu Miao Liu, Stefan Müller
  • Scenic assistance: Agnieszka Lis
  • Acting coaching: Natalie Forester, Volker Wahl
  • Language coaching: Fausto Tuscano
  • Make-up: Jutta Martens
  • Supertitles: Theresa McDougall


  • Fiordiligi: Emilie Haaning Christensen / Katarina Radovanović
  • Dorabella: Miriam Bitschnau / Génesis López da Silva
  • Guglielmo: Taesung Kim / Franz Schilling
  • Ferrando: Chanyoung Kim / Daehwan Kim
  • Despina: Jungeun Oh / Hee-Kyung Park / Serafina Starke
  • Don Alfonso: Xiaofei Liu / Brett Pruunsild


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Così fan tutte | © Judith Buss
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