Tartuffe - by PeterLicht after Molière

Thu. 20.4.2023—Sat. 29.4.2023
Tartuffe | © Thomas Bernhard Institut
Tartuffe - by PeterLicht after Molière
Thu 20.4.2023 — Sat 29.4.2023

The author and musician PeterLicht has taken on Molière's scandalous play from 1664, has "atomised and "pulverised it to make it readable in its satirical quality for our present. Where the original takes a critical look at the sanctimony and hypocrisy of absolutist France, PeterLicht's transcription opens up a humorous discourse on the belief in optimisation and innovation in our present day, which is shaped by neoliberal thinking.

Throughout the centuries, a look behind the mask of the title character Tartuffe reveals one and the same basic capitalist problem: the pursuit of personal enrichment always comes at the expense of others. Director Nele Rosetz is working with the final-year drama students to develop a common reading of the material. This will also involve an examination of the collective situation of theatre as an art form. How does a group shape the behaviour of individuals? Who actually benefits from hierarchies and in what way, and what responsibility do individuals bear for the social fabric? And what actually happens when an established context is shaken up by the emergence of a new character? Doesn't the uncertainty also provide an opportunity to critically question one's own structures?

Director: Nele Rosetz
Set design: Magdalena Hofer
Costume assistance: Sophia Esterer, Simon Huber
Dramaturgy: Frank Müller
Choreography: Mirjam Klebel
Music: Carolina Bigge


Mr. Mrs. Pernelle: Martin Petzenhammer
Elmire: Marie Eick-Kerssenbrock
Cléante: Alexander Smirzitz
Mariane: Jonin Herzig
Dorine: Esther Berkl
Orgon: Annalisa Hohl
Tartuffe: Benjamin Viziotis