Erik Sartie - Vexations

Tue. 18.4.
Erik Satie | © Wikimedia

In 1893, Erik Satie composed "Vexations" ("Torments") for solo piano, a unique piece of music aimed at permanence. The piece consists of a two-line motif with 17 chords and is to be repeated 840 times. This perpetuum mobile creates something trance-like that can be experienced over an entire day and aims at the dissolution of time.

With this work, Satie created an early work of minimal music, which was to establish itself only in the 1960s. The concert is conceived as an open event. Students, teachers and all interested parties are invited to take over some of the repetitions and participate in the approximately 24-hour performance by playing or/and listening. Open access allows people to come and go.

The concert will be led by students, but is open to anyone interested to come and go at any time.

Artists: Students of the inter-university, international seminar "Long Play" by Yvonne Wasserloos (Musicology, Mozarteum University) and Oliver Krämer (Music Education, Rostock University of Music and Theatre).

Programme: Erik Satie - Vexations (1893)