Whose perspective counts? Temporary strategies for decolonizing one's own work practice

Thu. 9.3.—Sat. 11.3.2023
Applied Theatre
(Bilingual) working conference within the network "StäKo  - Ständige Hochschulkonferenz Spiel und Theater" and official, informal network of universities in German-speaking countries, with courses of study such as Theater im sozialen Kontext, Theaterpädagogik, Applied Theatre and others.

The organizers understand the title at the same time as a work assignment, which they want to face with the participants and impulse-giving guests. In various formats - lecture performances, workshops, walks, theoretical inputs, working groups and open spaces - strategies for decolonizing one's own practice will be discussed and tested. Questions include: What are taken-for-granted, unquestioned assumptions of our work? Who thinks with whom? Who means whom in what work? Who speaks of decolonization and who of power and resource sharing? 

We are interested in critically illuminating the already critical discourses, in not simply occupying the discourse space, but in applying the questions, critiques and suggestions contained therein to our own objects.   



13.30  Welcome / Intro - Solitär
14.30  Lecture: N. Haitzinger - Solitär
15.00  Keyplaces are creating - Outside
17.30  Working groups - Solitär, Studiobühne TBI, Franz-Josef-Str
18.30  Training 1 - Franz-Josef-Str
19.00  Lecture Performance - Franz-Josef-Str
20.30  STÄKO-Cinema - Franz-Josef-Str


9.00  Training 2 - Franz-Josef-Str
9.30  Lectureperformance - Franz-Josef-Str
11.00  Workshops  - Kl. Studio, Franz-Josef-Str, PB TBI
16.00  Insights in Workshops - Kl. Studio
17.00  working in AGs - Kl Studio, Franz-Josef-Str, PB TBI
18.00  W&K Forum - Kl. Studio
21.00  STÄKO Cinema - Franz-Josef-Str


9.00  Training 3 - Franz-Josef-Str
11.00  Working groups - Franz-Josef-Str, PB TBI
12.30  Final discussion - Franz-Josef-Str
13.30  MV - Franz-Josef-Str

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