Open Science

Open Science stands for the opening of research processes and access to research data and publications both for scientists and for the interested public. In this context, the dissemination, duplication and reuse of research results/publications and the data and methods on which they are based are made possible - at best even during the research process. The aim is also quality assurance in research.

Open Science - Open Access

The University Mozarteum makes its support of the principles of Open Science visible by signing the Berlin Declaration and publishing an Open Access Policy. The library provides the necessary infrastructure and the following services:

  • Open Access Publishing in the institutional repository
  • Open Access Publication Fund
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Allocation
  • Avoidance of Predatory Publishing
  • Training / Information Events
  • Publication of Open Access Journals via OJS OER Research Data

The Mozarteum University recommends that all publishers secure the exploitation rights, reproduction rights and the right to make the work available online in the repository in their contracts with publishers.

Some publishers generally allow free publication in the institute's own repository after a certain embargo period. We welcome information about this and will gladly take care of the further steps.

General info

Submission for publication in the repository is done through the following forms:

  • Monograph
  • Essay in a journal
  • Essay in an anthology
  • Habilitation

Note: Please ensure that the rights are respected and upload the work in PDF/A format. 

  • Convert the publication to PDF/A format compliant with archiving standards. 
  • Select form.
  • Take note of the privacy information.
  • Fill in the information about yourself and your publication.
  • Specify the license. This determines the extent to which the scientific work can be accessed.
  • Confirm the declaration of consent. This grants the Mozarteum University Library the non-exclusive right to publish and archive the work according to the specified criteria. In addition, it is confirmed that the author has complied with the copyright requirements and regulations.

There is no automatic release of the uploaded publication. The document is therefore only visible on the Internet after release by the Mozarteum University Library and can be used for academic and private purposes in compliance with the legal framework. In the case of a second publication, the document will only be published in the repository after any embargo periods have expired. The work should nevertheless be submitted immediately by the publisher.

To ensure citability, works will be given a permanent link address . Documents are archived according to the current state of the art and, if necessary, converted to ensure readability. Metadata will be shared with other relevant repositories and search services.

(Status: February 2020)

Name and contact details of the responsible persons:
Mozarteum University Salzburg
+43 676 88122 523

Name and contact details of the external data protection officer:
Johannes Warter

Collection and processing of your personal data/purposes

The University Mozarteum processes your following (personal) data when you apply for or receive funding for an open access publication:
Application data: Possible: Published data:

E-mail First name, last name Role in publication (e.g. Corresponding Author) Title of publication Publisher, title of journal Information on other funding Information on the license used Persistent identifier (if already available, for example DOI or URN) Total cost of publication in original currency Gross First name, last name Role in publication (e.g.Title of the publication Publisher, title of the journal Publication location

Publication date

Information on the license used


Legal basis

If the applicant fulfills the funding requirement and funding is still available from the Publication Fund, the data listed in section 1 will be processed in order to apply for funding. 1 in order to fulfill the funding contract and to ensure optimal access to data and research material (Art. 6 para. 1 lit b DSGVO and Art. 6 para. 1 lit e DSGVO in conjunction with § 2f FOG and §§ 2, 3 UG). Please note that the fulfillment of these purposes is only possible through the personal data provided in the course of the application.


The University Mozarteum manages the open access repository it operates with special care. The data published in the repository (first name, last name, role in the publication, title of the publication, publisher, title of the journal, place of publication, date of publication, license information, abstract) are accessible worldwide, can be found using search engines, and may be linked to other information. In particular, copying and redistribution of published content cannot be excluded. The University Mozarteum has no influence on this and therefore assumes no liability. The University Mozarteum passes on any data published in the repository to third institutions in the context of education and research (in particular Open Archives initiatives). Application data will not be passed on to third parties, with the exception of those cases in which the University is obliged to do so by law, or by internal university regulations.

Storage period

The publication is stored in the institutional repository of the Mozarteum University and archived permanently according to the technical possibilities, whereby the University has the right but no obligation to make the publication available.

Data subject rights

Based on the DSG as well as the DSGVO, every person has the right to information according to Art. 15 DSGVO, the right to correction according to Art. 16 DSGVO, the right to deletion according to Art. 17 DSGVO, the right to restriction of processing according to Art. 18 DSGVO as well as the right to data portability according to Art. 20 DSGVO and the right to object according to Art. 21 DSGVO. If necessary, these data subject rights are to be asserted at the Mozarteum University (controller pursuant to Art. 4 Z 7 DSGVO), Mirabellplatz 1, 5020 Salzburg,

For further data protection information, please refer to the privacy policy. We will be happy to provide you with a printed copy upon request.

Open Access Publication Fund

The University Mozarteum Salzburg pays the publication fees for its members for open access publications, provided that the stated eligibility criteria are met and publication in the institutional repository is approved. The library's Open Access Team is available for initial non-binding inquiries.

  • Journal articles in open access journals
  • Journal articles in hybrid journals*
  • Open access monographs
  • Entire edited works, edited volumes and conference proceedings, provided that the corresponding author is located at the Mozarteum, but not individual contributions.

* A subscriber journal, whose articles are usually only accessible after payment of a subscription fee, allows the author to buy free access to his/her own article, so that this article appears freely accessible. This means that only some articles in a journal are open access, but not the entire journal. Closed and open access articles are offered side by side in a journal. The journal functions as a hybrid journal, in contrast to the open access journal, which offers all articles freely accessible.

Eligible applicants

  • All research members (= artistic and scientific staff, students) are eligible to apply.
  • The applicant must be the first author (corresponding author) and acts as contact person for the publisher.
  • In the publication or on the website of the journal, the organizational affiliation "Universität Mozarteum Salzburg" or "Mozarteum University Salzburg" will be noted.

Supported forms of publication

  • Journal articles in open access journals
  • Journal articles in hybrid journals
    (A subscriber journal, whose articles are usually only accessible after payment of a subscription fee, allows the author to buy free access to his/her own article, so that this article appears freely accessible. Thus, only some articles of a journal are open access, but not the entire journal. Closed and open access articles are offered side by side in a journal. The journal functions as a hybrid journal, as opposed to an open access journal, which offers all articles open access)
  • Open Access Monographs
  • Entire edited works, edited volumes and conference proceedings provided that the Corresponding Author is located at the University Mozarteum, but not individual contributions from them.

Accepted Publishers

  • Those publishers that are on the publisher list we have compiled (see below) will be accepted immediately.
  • If an article is published by another publisher that is not on the list, we will check whether it is a reputable and recognized publisher and whether the risk of predatory journal publishing can be excluded.

Funding amount

  • For OA journal articles the maximum funding amount is: Euro 2.000,- incl. VAT. This must include all submission fees, color and page charges.
  • For OA monographs, the maximum funding amount is: Euro 5.000,- incl. VAT.
  • Cost splitting is not possible; only total APCs (Article Processing Charges) and BPCs (Book Processing Charges) will be covered.

Funding modality

  • The first-come, first-served principle applies: applications are processed in the order in which they are submitted.
  • There is no legal entitlement to funding. Once the allocated funding from the Publication Fund has been exhausted, funding is no longer possible.
  • After reviewing the application, we will inform the submitters immediately by mail whether the publication can be funded or not.

Application Timing and Application Form

  • The application should be submitted at the time of the publisher's acceptance via the Open Access Application Form.
  • Funding is only available for new submissions. Refunds of previously paid invoices are not possible.
  • Submission of first manuscript pages is highly appreciated as an additional and confirmatory source of information.

Acknowledgement and publication in the repository

  • The following acknowledgement is to be placed in the funded work next to a logo of the Mozarteum University Salzburg: "Funded by the Mozarteum University Salzburg".
  • The work will also be published in the Mozarteum repository. The publisher must grant the submitter this right in the contract (see contract addendum). In addition, submitters must give their consent to this in the application form.

Payment modality

  • The grant is paid out in the form of a direct payment from the OA Publication Fund to the publisher.
  • The publisher sends the invoice directly to the Open Access Team. (If the publisher can only send the invoice directly to the author, please send this invoice to the Open Access Team of the Mozarteum University so that we can pay it. Do not pay the invoice independently)
  • The invoice must be addressed to the University Mozarteum Salzburg Mirabellplatz 1 5020 Salzburg.
  • The invoice should contain the following information, among others:
    • Publisher name and contact person
    • Name of journal
    • Title of publication
    • Name of Corresponding Author(s)
  • Once we have forwarded the invoice to the Department of Finance and Accounting/Controlling, submitters will receive notification.    
  • Allitera Verlag
  • Brill Verlag/Fink-Verlag
  • Böhlau
  • De Gruyter
  • Hollitzer (Buch) mit Mille Tre und Tonkunst
  • Hogrefe
  • Königshausen & Neumann
  • Laaber (nur bei Zeitschriftenartikel, nicht bei Büchern)
  • LIT Verlag
  • Metzler (Springer)
  • Olms
  • Peter Lang
  • Praesens Verlag
  • Pustet (Anton)
  • Rombach
  • Schott
  • Text + Kritik
  • Transcript Verlag
  • Universitätsverlag Wien / Vienna University Press gemeinsam mit dem V&R unipress, gehört zu Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht wie Böhlau.
  • Universitätsverlag Winter
  • University Press Innsbruck
  • Verlag der Akademie der Wissenschaften
  • Verlag Theater der Zeit
  • VÖB
  • Waxmann
  • Wißner (Forum Musikpädagogik)

Open Access Zeitschriften /DOAJ gelistet:

The request is submitted via the library's Open Access Application Form by mail. Before sending the application, please read the Copyright Consent for Funding Open Access Publications.

Provided the eligibility criteria (see above) are met and funding is still available, applicants will receive notification from us within three business days.