Kunst-Stück-Werk: An interactive journey of discovery for groups of young children

Music & Dance Education
Andrea Ostertag, Barbara Tischitz-Winklhofer, Doris Valtiner-Pühringer, Micaela Grüner
Kunst-Stück-Werk Band 1 Cover

"Kunst-Stück-Werk" is a new series of interdisciplinary art pedagogical working materials developed at the Orff Institute of the Mozarteum University within the teaching with students.  "Kunst-Stück-Werk" are picture books as well as participatory booklets for diverse target groups, which invite to exciting journeys of discovery.

Kunst - Stück - Werk
Painting- Music - Language - Dance, Volume 1

Edited by 
barbara Tischitz-Winklhofer &Doris Valtiner-Pühringer

with audio and video material

ISBN 978-3-904068-75-8

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In the 1st volume for the target group of toddler groups by the authors Barbara Tischitz-Winklhofer and Doris Valtiner-Pühringer, the two characters Paco Pfiffig and Lilli Leichtfuß lead children between the ages of two and four into special spaces with painting, music and dance.

Paintings of Classical Modernism are the starting point for multi-sensory sensitization and the stimulus for a wide variety of musical and dance activities - individually and in groups.

"ART Piece"
Take a Piece of Art.
See it as an ART WORK.
the Piece of Art into a new Work of Art.