'Just' a Matter of Taste? Dealing with Creative Achievement in Music and Art Classes

Music Education
Michaela Schwarzbauer, Katharina Steinhauser [Hg.]

Einwürfe. Salzburg Texts on Music - Art - Pedagogy Volume 4

LIT Verlag, Vienna 2020


  • Thomas Stern: Performance assessment: How does it hinder or promote learning?
  • Elisabeth Bögl: Developing Talents through Individual Support and an Assessment that Promotes Talent, including Creative Performance
  • Anna Maria Kalcher: Recording and Evaluating Musical-Creative Performance - Perspectives from Creativity Research
  • Florian Pfab: Creativity as a Value
  • Goda Plaum: Thinking Performance in Art Class
  • Folkert Haanstra: The construction and evaluation of a self-assessment instrument for art
  • Jana Junge: "[…] when you stand in front of 'nem picture and think and really get stuck […]"
  • Andreas Lehmann-Wermser: Creativity and performance measurement? Fire and water? Spinach and vanilla ice cream?
  • Julia Ehninger / Christian Rolle: Music-related reasoning - just a matter of taste?
  • Franz Billmayer: Image and Art
  • Elisabeth Freiß: The creative self?
  • Helmut Schaumberger: Performance Assessment and Singing in Music Classes - An Approach
  • Andreas Bernhofer: Learning Outside of School for School
  • Astrid Weger-Purkhart: Competence-Oriented Assessment of Creative Dance?
  • Bernhard Gritsch: From product-oriented to process-considering and discourse-promoting artistic final examinations in tertiary education
  • Elisabeth Wieland: The portfolio in music education: definition and forms of application
  • Michaela Schwarzbauer / Katharina Steinhauser / Juliane Friedl: Sound Christmas Trees and Other Gifts
  • Katharina Steinhauser: "Silent Night" Examined from Many Sides
  • Michaela Schwarzbauer: The Research Process
  • Juliane Friedl: The Importance of Teacher Intervention in a Creative Process
  • Elisabeth Wieland: Reflections Prompted by the Work of Students at BORG Gastein