Apply arts

Music & Dance Education, Music Education
Ulrike Hatzer, Monika Oebelsberger, Frank Max Müller, Helmut Schaumberger [Hg.]
Publikation: Künste anwenden

The contributions to this SOMA conference volume deal with recent questions about the use and applicability of art in social and pedagogical contexts. The volume brings together diverse positions from artistic and art mediating disciplines and fields of work. The texts range from practice-oriented project descriptions to essayistic statements to theoretical reflections and historiographical conceptualizations. What all contributions have in common is a great desire for interdisciplinary openness and a dialogue that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

Crossing Boundaries in Artistic Practices and Contemporary Mediation Work

Einwürfe - Salzburg Texts on Music - Art - Pedagogy

LIT Publishing House, Münster, 2023

ISBN: 978-3-643-51134-8