Jan Oechler | © Christian Schneider

Jan Oechler

Lektor for danceThomas Bernhard Institute
Jan Oechler's repertoire ranges from ballet, modern dance, Latin jazz to authentic Latin American movement forms. He worked with teachers and musicians of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club in Havana. In the USA he trained as a West and Eastcoastswing instructor and found access to the salsa scene there. Since 2008 he has been teaching dance at the Mozarteum University.
Jan Oechler was a competitive athlete at a young age and discovered his passion for dancing during jazz dance training. He has been active as an amateur and professional dancer for more than two decades and has gained a wide range of experience as a German show dance champion and international German professional champion in Latin and as a finalist in many international championships. Since 1985 he has worked as a dance sports trainer with the A license of the German Sports Association, dance sports teacher and dance teacher and has already trained several world and European champions in the professional and amateur sectors. In 2005 he founded the Dance Company Salzburg, one of the most successful Latino show formations in the world, with which he won numerous awards. He has also been training at association level for years and does management training and advanced training for trainers and judges. His repertoire as a dancer and teacher ranges from ballet, modern dance and Latin jazz to authentic Latin American forms of movement. Since his training as a west and east coast swing instructor in the USA, he has also traveled the world as a music scout for the CD label Casa Musica. In addition, over many years he has created choreographies for television, film and theater productions and worked with actors on a dance basis and their movement presence.