Staff Unit


Irmgard Reiner

Human Resources Development

As a human resources developer, Irmgard Reiner knows the importance of lifelong learning for professional and personal development. As a business economist and long-time HR executive, she has gained valuable experience. As early as 2004, as a part-time executive, she was a pioneer on the path to reconciling career and family. Through her leadership experience, she recognized the essential role of personal development for professional success and personal growth.

In addition to a wide range of professional training courses, various management courses and coaching courses, she has also completed several courses as a yoga and relaxation trainer. A current training focus now leads her into psychology. In 2017, Irmgard Reiner founded the "Lebensraum-Gesundheit", a center for health prevention.

Also in her self-employment, as in human resources development at the university, Irmgard Reiner is inspired to accompany people in their quest for development with coaching and training sessions that place a comprehensive focus on the connection between body and mind.