Maria Kalleitner-Huber

Sustainability OfficerEnvironmental Management
Maria Kalleitner-Huber worked as a project assistant at the Institute of Engineering Design and Technical Logistics at the Vienna University of Technology in the research area ECODESIGN in Sustainable Product Design, was a research associate at the Austrian Institute of Ecology and from 2015 an employee at pulswerk GmbH, the consulting company of the Austrian Institute of Ecology. Since 2021 she has been working as a sustainability officer at the University of Mozartum.
Maria Kalleitner-Huber studied at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, the Technical University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In 2003 she obtained her university degree at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences with the individual diploma course "Environmental Consulting with a focus on waste management and disposal technology".  The focus of her work at pulswerk GmbH was on the conception, management and implementation of projects in the field of sustainable products and services, waste and resource management and responsible corporate management. In national and EU projects, she devoted herself to imparting knowledge and building skills in sustainable product development and the circular economy for a wide variety of target groups and training levels. 2020-2021 Maria Kalleitner-Huber was a lecturer at the FH Campus Wien. She gave lectures on energy efficiency and climate protection as well as ecodesign - sustainable product design in the Applied Electronics course.