Judith Franke | © Jule Lotte Bröcker

Judith Philippa Franke


Senior Artist / Study information Applied Theatre Thomas Bernhard Institute

Judith Philippa Franke is since 2020 Senior Artist at the master program "Applied Theatre. Artistic Theatre Practice & Society" at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. She works as a theater and performance maker, cultural mediator and manager, and dramaturg. Her focus lies between artistic and activist work in theater for young audiences, interventions in urban space and the development of cooperative and participatory formats.

Judith Ph. Franke studied Scenic Arts (University of Hildesheim, BA), Puppetry and Directing (University of Exeter) and Scenic Research (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, MA). In 2019 she received the Christoph Schlingensief Fellowship of the Kunststiftung NRW / Ruhr-Universität Bochum. From 2013-2020 she worked as production assistant and director for Burg Hülshoff - Centre for literature, werkgruppe2, FIDENA, marrow productions, theatre with teeth, Gütesiegel*Kultur / PUNCH AGATHE, among others.

In the field of theater for young audiences Judith Ph. Franke has been working freelance since 2012 (among others deBühne - Theaterhaus Hildesheim; next Generation - Paderborn; neue Linie - Helios Theater Hamm; NRW-Stipendium für Kinder- und Jugendtheater - COMEDIA Köln). In the 2014-2016 seasons she was a theater pedagogue at the Staatstheater Karlsruhe / Junges Staatstheater Karlsruhe.

In addition to international solo work, her artistic practice consists primarily of work with the group das_explorativ, founded in 2018.

From 2023 Judith Ph. Franke will deepen performative research on feminist walking in urban space as part of the inter-university doctoral program Science & Art (University Mozarteum Salzburg / Paris Lodron University Salzburg).