Therese Benita Bemberg-Flamersheim | © Elsa Okazaki


Therese Benita von Bemberg-Flamersheim


Univ.-Ass. for instrumental and vocal pedagogyDepartment Music Education Salzburg
Therese v. Bemberg supervises the internships that students complete at the Musikum in Salzburg as part of their IGP bachelor's degree program. Her research focuses on early instrumental teaching, and her dissertation project deals with the topic of expressive music-making in the context of early string instrumental teaching. She also works as a violin and dance teacher in Munich.

Therese v. Bemberg (born 1990) studied instrumental and vocal pedagogy (BA, MA) at the Mozarteum University, majoring in violin. She has been enrolled as a doctoral student in music education at the Mozarteum University since 2020 and has been working as a university assistant in the music education department since October 2021. During her studies she completed a dance training in swing dance and so she led workshops to Stockholm, Vilnius and New Orleans, among other places. Today she teaches Lindy Hop and Solo Charleston at the Munich adult education center. 

Inspired by her intensive study of dance, in her work as a violin teacher she developed a concept for beginning lessons with string instruments, in which dance and playing the violin work together. This is also reflected in her research focus and topic of the dissertation project: expressive music-making in early string lessons.